Memory upgrade question for old computer

I’m working on a Sony Vaio PCV-RX755. I need to upgrade their computer to 1 Gig of RAM, and according to Crucial’s website, PC2700 will work fine

I’m concerned however because the computer was purchased a very long time ago and came with PC2100. PC2700 is way cheaper than PC2100 and I could really tighten up the timings if I halve the memory rate (which is what I’d have to do). (in fact they have one ram module at 100 MHz right now and one at 133 MHz).

Any problems with this? The new memory would be 333 MHz which I’d have to underclock.

Put in more 2700 RAM, run at the lower speed. Sure, it’s not going to be as fast as it could be, but it’s an old computer. Nothing’s wrong with underclocking if you’re saving money.

Thanks. They use it for e-mail and pictures. I’m floored whoeevr built this thing was an idiot (Sony or Circuit City). They used two non-matching RAM chips and the computer was only recognizing 480 Meg of RAM and sometimes it’d drop to 250 Meg (and yes I konw those numbers are impossible).

Shared video ram. 32MB of main memory is used for the video card. Crappy performance.

480+32 = 512MB. 250 doesn’t sound right, but I assume you meant 224. :)

Wow, I’ve not run into a system with shared video in… like forever. Memory is totally unstable however. Can’t pass memtest of Prime95 for even a second. They also partitioned the HD poorly. 75% of the space is allocated to a drive they never use which also has no links or defaults.

Good luck! Shared memory is still in use, especially on machines with embedded Intel graphic chipsets. Works fine for most stuff, except any games, which it sucks at.