Memphis #1, Woohoo we're #2 (Birmingham, AL) U.S.'s most Obese Cities

Shouldn’t we be more concerned about this? Maybe we are, but I see parents every day that have this problem who are literally feeding this disability to their children daily. Unhealthy snacks and soft drinks by the grocery cart load. I am not sure if the people do not care or they are just not educated enough to know any better. Although, there is some correlation between poverty levels and, by extension, probably education levels, it is not limited to those segments of society. did the study and states that cities on the list have undertaken measures to begin to reverse the problem. Having lived in Birmingham my entire life, I have never heard a thing about programs/efforts targeting obesity.

The fast food and shitty cereal industry are way too far ahead for local health programs to put even a dent in sales. It is too easy to hit the drive thru. I mean, who has the energy to cook healthy meals when you are crashing from eating Cheetos and drinking 2 liters of Mountain Dew at work during the day. It may cut into watching Biggest Loser for 2 hours anyway.

At least Birmingham was way down at 6th on the most murderous cities. I wonder if large folks can survive a bullet more readily and that the two results are inversely related.

I think there’s definitely a national awareness of the obesity crisis – at least I hear a lot about it on the news etc. It does take time for the inertia of 300 million people’s habits to be overcome, though, I suppose.

For my part I often find myself slipping into the junkfood cycle of “sugar! carbs! caffeine!” and a very unhealthy way of medicating myself to stay perky through the day. The fact that cruddy food is often cheaper than healthier food doesn’t help.

Atkin’s Diet, Grapefruit Diet, South Florida Diet. These are so stupid that I can’t credit their popularity entirely to wishful self-deceit and desperation.

It takes a serious amount of time to dice vegetables and clean them. Not worth doing if it’s only one or two people eating IMHO.

The women I know can’t cook. I lie and tell them it’s good thought. No, I lie again. They are bakers, they can follow instructions precisely but lack the ability to improvise and make a hot tasty meal out of whatever junk you have in the fridge.

It takes all of 10 to 15 minutes to prep some vegetables for cooking, especially if it’s just for two people. How is that not worth the time if it help ensures not only a healthy meal, but a tasty one?

The problem with cooking is that people are lazy. Once you learn the time management of cooking and what can be done between stuff being put on / when it’s supposed to come off / how long it takes to cook certain things then it becomes quite easy to fit it in.

The best thing you can do if you don’t like cooking for just one or two is make enough for 4, that way it’ll give you leftovers / easy meals for lunch or to throw in to the freezer for when you get home from a long day at work and really have zero energy to spend the 30 minutes is needed to cook a decent meal. I used to dread just cooking for myself after a 12 hour shift until I started cooking more than just for me and had enough to last me for a couple of meals. It also really helped me avoid eating out at work, because I’d just bring leftovers for lunch and eat a lot healthier that way.

I agree that the awareness is there and I also base that on all of the news stories I see and the articles like this one. I also still see people young and old alike buying packs of cigarettes and I hear there is something bad about them that is right on the damn package. With cigarettes, the effects are not as visibly clear so the sense of “the Cancer won’t get me” is more prevalent I assume. I wonder if potato chips had a label that said “This shit’s gonna squish your heart” if fewer people would buy them. I doubt it.

I mainly worry about the young 'uns. They are being set up to be miserable and will have to deal with health issues through habits that are instilled in them and seen as normal eating habits from the time they get off the breast milk. Plus the sedentary lifestyle of the videogames we want to get our kids involved with at earlier ages. Every parent who is buying a system for their kids should get them a Wii. I am thinking of getting one for our family so my dumb ass can get some exercise, too.

Every parent who is buying a system for their kids should simply put a limit on it and actually become involved in their kids life / do things with them that’s a physical activity.

Go for a walk after dinner every night, play some ball with them, something for at least 30 minutes a day with your kids to actually get them burning energy / promoting how fun getting out is. Take them to the park, whatever. The problem isn’t video games, it’s lazy parents taking an easy out. They are too tired to deal with shit when they get home from work and then get caught in an endless cycle of not doing anything physical each day and their energy just gets worse and worse. It’s amazing at how much a nice 30 minute walk after dinner with the kids is on recharging your batteries / burning off their excess energy.

Just make sure if it’s dark to bring a flashlight, dress for the weather, and keep away from the known ‘shady’ areas and you’re more than fine.

Definitely. I unclearly stated that about a Wii for those parents that are not going to those lengths with the restrictions and actually paying attention to and/or involving themselves with their kids free time activities. The Wii is a minimal positive step.

I was specifically thinking about getting a Wii today as I have no badminton net, but had to go outside in the recently turned cold weather and play badminton with my daughter yesterday using a crack in the concrete as a net. Although, she was just as happy doing that as if we would have had a real net. Man, kids’ ability to make due with the things they have is wonderful. I wish I could still do that.