Men in Black International

Look, I thought I was done with the franchise after the third one. I certainly didn’t think a new sequel would make me interested.

But then they dropped this -

Damn the charm on these two. I’m sure it’ll be formulaic, trite, and completely predictable. But it looks like fun, and Hemsworth really knows how to lean into his charm and good looks.

Did not know I wanted this, till I did want this!

Looks really good. Also fact: Liam Neeson makes every movie better.

I mean yeah, those are great actors, but this whole formula is so tired to me.


Thor Ragnarok 2 looks great.

I love the hammer throw. Chris Hemsworth is too pretty for his own good.

I will watch basically anything with Tessa Thompson. Or Chris Hemsworth. And I get BOTH???

My wife pointed out the move because of Thor. He’s fine. Daughter pointed out the movie because of Westworld/Valkyrie person. Meh (her character in Westworld really rubbed me wrong). But NO ONE MENTIONED LIAM!

I’m now VERY interested.

In the last week he seemed to be in everything I watched

  • I saw Widows in theaters two nights ago
  • He was in a trailer for another movie before Widows
  • I watched Ballad of Buster Scruggs yesterday

This looks fun.

While I never liked any of the previous MIBs this actually looks entertaining.

There should be a pool for the time stamp in the movie when Liam Neeson says he has a specific set of skills.

Oh oh oh, Thor and Valkyrie, getting the band together!

The Men in Black movies are oddities to me; they seem like movies that I should like more than I do. Not that I dislike them, I enjoy them, but they’re like popcorn. They don’t stay with me, I’ve pretty much forgotten them as soon as I leave the theater. I’m certain I’ll see this one, I just don’t expect more than light entertainment.

I’m not sure that’s odd. That’s how I see them, too. Nothing wrong with that type of movie, in my mind.

Well only the first one was really good. The time machine thing one was okay. Also… the music. If you weren’t into the music it wouldn’t stick as well. You’d have to be listening to the top 40s when it came out though and maybe already kind of in love with Smith too.

No, there’s nothing wrong with that. What I’m saying is, seems like on paper this should be totally up my alley. Secret organization monitoring aliens on earth? Crazy technology? Weird life forms? Quirky sense of humor? I liked Vincent D’Onofrio as the giant bug wearing a man suit in the first movie, I liked Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones. But it never really seemed like the movies came together into something that exceeded the sum of its parts. I don’t really have the vocabulary to explain it better than that.

In what way does this look different than the previous entries in the series?

Part of why I don’t like this series is that the characters are kind of Mary Sue’s. Everything comes so easily, and then they throw out some corny joke. Meh.

This time the rookie is female. Duh.