Mercenaries 2 at E3

Not sure if this is old news, but it’s definitely some of the best gaming news I’ve heard in a while.

edit because of my awesome spelling

Fantastic news.

I really hope they improve the ground vehicles in the sequel. Any time I wasn’t on foot or in a Heli in Mercenaries I kept thinking “GTA made driving so much more enjoyable”.

A PC port would be nice.

I agree Kalle, some of my favorite parts was raining death from above in a heli. The driving really started to bore me, and I think I got as far as capturing the 2nd ace.

Aw crap. Third-person shooter. Somehow I got it in my head that this was a MechWarrior game… :-/

Excellent. I’m just finishing Mercenaries now, and more-of-the-same in a different (perhaps more colorful) country sounds great. Oh, and the ability to swim would be nice, and also a function to eavesdrop on radio chatter which would give you clues to bonuses and/or NOLF-style humorous exchanges.

Definitely. I wasn’t really keen on playing a Signs alien.

I should stay a bit on the DL, but since the game is at least announced, and my preview comes out next week, I’ll at least confirm that once you see the area that Mercs 2 takes place in, you can expect a fair amount of swimming.

Interesting. If we’re lucky, you’ll also be able to use sharks as vehicles (mounted with frickin’ laser beams, of course).

Oh no! It was my biggest fear! I said it over and over again, Mercenaries 2 needs to give you the ability to swim only, no swimming missions god dammit. :(

Hope you can reprogram the controls this time. (I know, personal monkey)

How is the original? I was thinking about picking it up today but I couldn’t remember anything about the game aside from it was “GTA in North Korea”.

So did I win the predictions thread?

Awesome news, though. Swimming, huh? Jagged Alliance type tropical island setting, perhaps?

I will buy an Xbox 360 solely for this title. The original is perhaps my favorite console game.

Considering you wrote that “prediction” after the announcement, no. ;)

To the best of my knowledge, no platform has been announced. Could be 360, could be PS3. They only said it’s “next-gen.”

If I had to guess, I’d say it’s both.

Well, I guess since my boss already posted it, I can post it as well. If TEH ENTITY disapproves, I shall nuke this semi-self-promotion meself:

Woah. Sweet.

Here is hoping for a 360 version. Huzzah.

Also, new Heroes. No Offense, but the White dudes hair…

“PS3 World Exclusive” means that your magazine has an exclusive on a PS3 game, right? It doesn’t mean “exclusive to PS3 throughout the world.”

I just want to clear it up, because the April issue here has “PS3 World Exclusive! The Darkness” on the cover, and it’s a PS3 and 360 cross-platform game.

They definitely need a whole new roster of mercs.

Ideally, there’ll be intro cutscenes showing each of them relaxing in their massive mansions purchased with all the bounty money from the whole Korean kerfuffle. Each of these will end with a scene of them diving into their Olympic-sized swimming pools and instantly drowning, then the new folks will be introduced.