Mercenaries 2 at E3

How is the original? The orignal is GTA IN NORTH KOREA.

Noooo. I must have more Peter Stormare! VW commercials and Prison Break are not enough.

Yes, it means that we have the world exclusive on a PS3 title.

I actually asked about a 360 version, but Pandemic said that for now, they are focusing on the PS3 as the lead platform, and said something like “we’ll talk about other platforms later, but for all intents and purposes, this is a PS3 title.”

Bah… No offense, I like Sony as much as the Next Microsoft Follower, but in this day and age, as the ‘Next-Gen’ starts to come into the Current-Gen, it seems that releasing a game on a single platform, as a third-party publisher/developer, is just plain idiocracy.

Now, follow me on this.

If I were to say “Hey, I’m a Third-Party Developer/Producer, who wants this sweet new game I’m making?” I do believe that I’d get multiple inquiries from all 3 companies. Now, if I were money hungry, i’d release it on all 3, no matter the specs, no matter the price, no matter the compatability with that systems hardware. Screw it, I’m making a dollar.

If I was the moderate type, who not only liked money, but could live without it, and would rather have a good game, I’d release it on the two current leaders, with a follow up on the straggler depending on sales of the other two. I’d spend an extra month or two on development, so as to get each their own awesomeness, and not get the ‘port’ stamp emblazoned upon my forehead.

Then, if I was the loyalist, or idiot in my terminology, I’d release it to one system, and only one system, with little to no chance at all of releasing it on any other system. I’d try to horde the game, advertise the Sh!t out of it, and get the company of the system that I’m producing for to stand behind me 100%. If that didn’t happen, I’m jumping ship to Number 2.

Now, thats my analysis of Third-Company parties. So, I do believe the safest route is somewhere between the First and the second, by releasing them on as many consoles as humanly possible, without sacrificing gameplay or mechanics. If it comes down to Specs that eliminate the possibility of getting it up and running smoothly on the system, then scrap it. Its not worth wasting my time on a half-assed game that isn’t going to sell well because its graphics don’t measure up to the others. I’d wait on it, and if the community begged for it, then i’d release it in small quantities, to meet supply/demand inquiries. That way, i’m still making money, without having to have my product stay on the shelves for 12 years.

So, for intents and purposes, I do believe that the makers of Mercenaries, Pandemic, will indeed release it on either PS3 and 360, and maybe the Revo- sorry, I still like that name, the Wii! when they release. Pandemic is known for its multi-platform games, and I doubt Mercenaries will break this trend, as it has brought them a lot of money, and fame, and most of all, respect.

“I think his point goes beyond communication. He’s showing us that he doesn’t even think clearly!”

“YES!” “High five!” “You broke the code!”

  • Dilbert, late 90’s sometime

Oh come now, it’s much better than that.

Well, no, the driving is much worse.

Shooting > driving. This is also true in real life.

I disagree. I think it’s much, much better, because you’re usually either getting out of the car to blow something up or driving a tank.

I dunno, I liked the idea of this game more than I liked it in practice - I love the GTA games, so I thought this might be a console game I could get into, but after playing it for a couple of hours, I had no desire to ever see it again. I much prefer the GTA games.

The GTA games had a lot more stuff to do, more varied missions, and a generally more interesting backdrop. But Mercenaries had such a vastly better shooting control scheme that I’d say it’s at least the equal of San Andreas.

Our website is live:

Let us know what you think. :)

I’m usually no fan of flash sites, but in this case it worked nicely.
… is the background video on the main page real game footage, or renders?

In any case: Where do I sign up!.. When!.. Gif! :-)

Cooperative Multiplayer = <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Most awesome! How many total mercs will there be, or is that still under wraps? How large of a team can you recruit?

This made me chuckle:

Don’t worry about drowning ever again

Looks very good. Of course… Venezuela? Really? :)
Seems Stormare is back, that’s positive. I’m getting the itch to finish the first one now.

Great, great site. I love the rolling video.

Cooperative multiplayer? Thank you. I shall reward you with $60.

Coming to 360 yah? Otherwise…

What forge said… Loved Mercs 1, would like to play the sequel, not waiting in line and paying $599 for the opportunity to do so. (Yes I know there will be other games out for the PS3).

Looks ummm . . .

Frakin’ awesome.

What’s this about building your own mercenary company? Are there really recruitable and deployable fellow mercs out there? How does that work? Can you field a squad or just choose between characters for a given assignment?