Mercenaries 2: officially multiplatform

Well we’ve kind all been expecting/hoping but now it’s official

PS3, PS2, 360, and PC versions now planned.

pc, woot! Maybe I’ll be able to control it this time. (assuming they don’t do something stupid like they did with Scarface.)

Glad there’s a PS2 version. I’m not in any huge rush for the next gen consoles yet.

Niiiice. I really enjoyed Mercenaries (up until the final boss battle, which I never finished), and I’d love to see what Pandemic can do on the 360 with co-op.

never played the first game (I’m pc only). But this game sounds sweet.

IGN: The first game nicely balanced factions against each other. Players had to keep score of which country, or faction, was happy or angry with them and then do something about it, if they wanted. How will factions work this time around?

Jonathan Zamkoff: One of the biggest things we wanted to do is that the factions were kind of omniscient in Mercs 1. If you did something bad to a faction, the entire army of that faction, at the same time, knew that you had done something bad and instantly turned into your enemy. This time it’s much more about the mood of the faction boss toward you. There is a reporting mechanic where, if you do something that upsets one of the factions and you’re seen by one of the factions’ AI, they’ll have to go back and report it to the boss. So you are able to basically take the guy out before he gets back to the boss and then the faction mood won’t change.

I’d love to see something like this in other games. Oblivion mod please!

I like!

Sounds like the PS3/360/PC versions are all supposed to be feature identical, and all support online co-op. PS2 version is being outsourced, looks to use an updated Mercenaries engine with scaled next gen assets. PS2 version isn’t going to support online co-op.

That quote is very promising. I really enjoyed the first game, up to the point where one of the factions switched to instahate because of a mission, even though there were decidedly no witnesses. Seemed like I was being punished for successfully juggling their moods up to that point.

That, and some of the emergence rates on the monster-generators (underground bunker entrances, whatever) got more than a little silly in some areas.

Can’t wait to play this co-op. Though I think Crackdown beat them to the punch a bit. I think it’s going to be awesome to play this, but when you can do essentially the same thing but also toss cars and jump rooftop to rooftop . . .

Balancing that will be flying vehicles, tanks, and airstrikes, though. :)

Well Crackdown doesn’t really have any destructable environments, which is something that Mercenanires 2will have I’m pretty sure.

I may have to break down & buy a 360 finally. The first Mercenaries was one of my favorite games of all time, and one of the few that has been able to break WoW’s siren song for a while.

Sooo looking forward to this. The biggest letdown of the first one was the lack of co-op. Add co-op in and I may fail a couple more classes before I graduate.

forege, you’re right, I totally forgot about that somehow. If every building is destructible, it will be a dream.

Expected but nonetheless a relief. Mercenaries was perhaps my favorite game from last gen. Now just get an MGS port and I can write off the PS3 forever

I can think of two of my friends that still play Mercenaries all the time. This is going to be the game that gets them into a 360.

Yeah, exactly. Which makes me wonder how these exclusivity deals work–if, say, the MGS studio is paid a buttload of money to do a PS3 exclusive, can they get out of it by just returning the money? That sounds pretty unlikely, but what’s a company to do if the failure of a new console to take in the marketplace means that the studio couldn’t make their money back?

I imagine it wasn’t as much an issue previously, but with development costs getting so expensive, do (or will) exclusivity contracts come built in with provisions for the ending of exclusivity if the console doesn’t make it?

Jets . . . and helicopter dogfights . . . and co-op dogfights. Mmmmmmm.

Awesome x1000.

Good news!

Though, I gotta say the reasons for me to eventually get a PS3 are rapidly dwindling. I mean, I was never going to buy one at launch (not at that price with those games), but I figured maybe a year later there would be a handful of gotta-play-thats to justify like $400-ish, if the price was down to that. I’m frankly tired of the MGS “interactive stories” and Final Fantasy sort of jumped the shark for me a couple versions back, but maybe those franchises will regain their former glory on PS3. Beyond that and Devil May Cry, I’m rapidly running out of PS3 exclusives that I personally would buy the system for.

Mercs 2 was one of them. Never announced as “exclusive” so much as they said “we’re only developing for PS3 right now.” So there was always hope. Now it’s official and the price they gotta sell the PS3 for to get me on board just went a few dollars lower. Sigh…

Whenever you say “Mercenaries” I think “Mechwarrior” and so become extremely disappointed when I actually read the thread…