Mercenaries 3, Just Cause 3 or Crackdown 3?

So; any chance we’ll ever see any of these games?

When I played Just Cause 2 I missed having the COOP and building destruction from Mercenaries 2; When I played Crackdown 2 I missed the destruction from Mercenaries 2; When I played Mercenaries 2 I missed the draw range/gunning from Just Cause 2; When playing JC2/Mercs2 I missed all the mini-puzzles and climbing around so many buildings to get to secrets and unlocks from Crackdown 2. The seamless Joystick/Keyboard<->controller from Justcause 2 was nice as well – played the other two games on 360 – so I hope to see the sequels (if ever) on the PC ;)

Is Far Cry, Saints Row and GTA ("No more “Nico, lets go out and get drunk!” - Phone Edition) all we have left to look forward to or will these other titles/type of games resurface?

Crackdown 1/2 are the only 360 games I ever did over 900 Xbox live points on…

Mercenaries was Pandemic, who were axed by EA. Crackdown was made by a now defunct company and the sequel was made by a different studio and sucked enough in comparison to probably not get another entry. I would not expect more from either franchise.

Just Cause 2 sure seems like it was a big success and Avalanche still exists, so I would imagine we will see either a Just Cause 3 or a spiritual successor. Probably JC3.

I think I remember hearing something about SE being very satisfied with JC2’s long tail, so I’m sure they’ll be pursuing it.

Mercs 3 is probably less likely after that whole Mercs online fiasco

I think Mercenaries and Crackdown are done. I’m sure MS would love to replicate the surprise success they had with the first Crackdown, but that didn’t work out on the sequel.

Pandemic is the studio I would resurrect if I suddenly found myself with the financial means to do so. The Mercs games were so wonderfully nihilistic and amoral, I would really love to see another entry. I wouldn’t sniff at a Crackdown sequel either, though. Great feeling of power in those games. Oddly I haven’t played either Just Cause, though I do have JC2 on my Steam backlog.

Mercs 2 + JC2 = Rico calling in A-10s, grappling one of them after their napalm pass, then taking it on a tour of the countryside. Bailing out (crashing the A-10 into a tank farm in the process) and then riding off in a jitney.


Of all the studios you would resurrect (Microprose, Origin, Bullfrog) it would be Pandemic because of Mercenaries, yet you’ve never even played Just Cause 2?

Go play it RIGHT NOW.

Just Cause 3 = Just Cause 2 + Red Faction Guerrilla please!

Yeah, Red Faction: Guerrilla is the overlooked game here. JC2’s scope and mobility added to RF:G’s destructibility would be a game I would never stop playing.

Yeah, I know, been meaning to. OK, I’ll just go for it and install tonight.

I played the hell out of Mercenaries 1 in college. Mercenaries 2 was terrible. I can’t quite remember why I didn’t like playing it though. I really missed the whole “card” system from Mercenaries for one…

I would love to play an updated version of Mercenaries 1 again, sigh.

…I’ll totally be in my bunk. That sounds SO hawt.

Yep it was sooo good and the Armageddon sequel went for a completely different style of game. Sad.

I would guess you didn’t like Mercs 2 because of bugs, shitty QTEs, terribly judged balance that made the late game a hellstorm of instant vehicle death, and probably a few other things I’m forgetting off the top of my head. I thought it had its charms - glorious explosions, coop mayhem, and the gleeful daftness of Peter Stormare’s character (one of the three PCs), but yes, it was definitely a significant step down from the really quite excellent first game. I wish Mercs 1 had ever come to PC (preferably with a port that wasn’t quite as lousy as the Mercs 2 port.) so that I could conveniently replay it.

I just got my first PS2, and y’all are making me wanna get Mercenaries.

The correct answer to the studio resurrection question is Looking Glass.

JC3 is almost certainly being worked on by Avalanche for next gen consoles and PC.

Playing Far Cry 3 has just got me reinstalling JC2 to do another play through its that good, wanton destruction etc, this time I’m using a trainer and going for just mass destruction and killing whatever.

This is a no-brainer. There’s some goofiness and shittiness in Mercs 1 because of PS2 limitations (open-world syndrome of “turn your back and the vehicles behind you disappear”, and FOG FOG FOG) but it is still a superlative game.

Ha! I was just playing JC2 again last night thanks to this thread.