Mercenaries 3, Just Cause 3 or Crackdown 3?

Oh wow, seriously, that would be awesome. :D I’d even just take a Just Cause 3 on the merits of part 2, though.

Am I a bad person for wanting a Saboteur 2 before a Mercs 3?

But then I suppose neither are likely, and the Saboteur 2 in my head is probably better than anything EA would have let them push out the door.

I wouldn’t mind a Saboteur sequel one bit, in fact I really enjoyed Pandemic’s body of work, which is why they’d top my list of studio resuscitation.

Saboteur, now, thats a game I haven’t played in … years.

Mercenaries 2 is that game, with some, uh, problems. But RF:G had more than it’s share of problems, too.

Huh, I now recall I have a copy of Mercenaries 2 for my PS3 that I’ve never played. Should I give it a try, or will Just Cause 2 have spoiled me? ;)

My vote is yes. I love the Mercs games to pieces, even if the second one is a little … rickety, shall we say. But it’s got an amoral charm and the biggest weapons of mass destruction of just about any game out there.

I love WMDs! I’ll give it a whirl.

All I need from Just Cause 3 is co-op and rudders on the damn planes so you can use them for strafing. JC2 was such a wonderful game…

Most of Mercs 2’s problems also manifested in JC2, so if they didn’t turn you off in JC2 they shouldn’t kill Mercs 2 for you. I’d definitely give it a shot. My personal rankings of these games is Mercs 2>Just Cause 2>>>Red Faction: Guerrilla. All of them had problems, Red Faction did not have the charm to overcome them imo.

Problems? What problems?

Mercs 2 had a poor locale compared to Mercs 1 imo (more tropical, less buildings than Merc1)

JC2 lacked Coop and destruction

Red Faction lacked coop and a larger game world + you were a bit “gated” through the conternt (since you were mostly driving around in valleys…- which fits with Mars; I suppose)

That said; I suppose I should finish JC2 and Red Faction — Mercs 2 was done in a few coop sittings.

Mercs2 did have the crazy swede though, so it wins with that :)

I’ll always love Mercenaries for this song:

That was the only thing I liked about the game, I just couldn’t get into it. :(

With Mercs 2? It’s kind of glitchy, the “three main characters” thing kept over from Mercs 1 isn’t fleshed out nearly as well(the characters are functionally identical since they dropped the language thing), they didn’t record nearly enough dialogue so there’s annoying repetition, the difficulty curve is wacky, and the game is terribly unbalanced(it appears that the mission designers were unaware that the game would have helicopters). Plus, quick time events. Oh and a race mission.

Just Cause 2 has a lot of the same balance and QTE issues, for whatever reason nobody ever really gives Just Cause any crap for it, but it is very derivative of the Mercs games. Mercs 2 beats JC2 on mission variety(and methods of completing those missions), loses on polish, and doesn’t have the hook-hand thing.

Mercs 2 is better, imo, because Pandemic really nailed the way to slowly parcel out rewards for the various sidequests/collectibles.

JC2 you don’t really bother with buying shit from that helicopter guy, you start the game with the hook thingy so everything else you acquire or upgrade is kinda meh.

And the market items are super expensive, slow to acquire, and have little ammo.

Petition for EA Mercenaries 3.