Meridian 59 free trial


As some of you know, I operate the online game, Meridian 59. It’s a classic online RPG that launched back in 1996. We bought the rights to the game from 3DO and relaunched it.

Anyway, we’re offering a free trial of the game. I know a lot of people here live and breathe games, so here’s a chance to see one of the first retail online RPGs. A chance to see a historical game.

Just head on over to and enter your email address. (We promise not to sell the address.) We’ll send you details about how to connect to the trial server in an email.

You can also find out more about the game at if you’re interested. Or you can reach me at psychochild(a) if you have more questions about the game.

Have fun,

Wow, I remember this from a loooong long time ago. I’ll have to try it out for some nice reminiscing!

What would be the difference between the free trial and the normal membership? What can one not do as a trial member?

Pay a monthly fee?

Looks like from the billing FAQ it’ll be $10.59 a month after this month.