Meridian 59 is Coming to Steam?!


This also begs the question…Meridian 59 is still around?!



You are taking your graveyard keeping assignment too seriously, sir!


Pixelicious. But still better than Grimoire.


Apparently you can sign up now and everything. I joined server 102.


Do I need have played Meridian 1 to 58?


I’ve never played any kind of MMO or CRPG like that (I’ve not played many) but why do I find those crusty old visuals so weirdly appealing and evocative? Perhaps it’s my Knightmare upbringing.


Somewhere I may still have a Meridian 59 disc. I honestly can’t recall if I actually played this back then, but I was familiar with it for sure. I mean, it’s from the antediluvian era.


My first and only foray into MMO’s. I was known as Apple Boy, because as a mender of gear, I’d hang out in a bar and hand out apples (slight heal effect) to my customers. Fun times… until I was pk’d outside by some jerk (game was full of those). Since the game had no way to store or save your gear, the bastard stole all my stuff! It was then that I decided I never wanted strangers in my games again.


I have great memories of the game as I played in the beta and at release for a while. It was the start of a long journey of online RPG gaming for me that continued with Diablo, UO and EQ.

I remember holding onto spare sets of weapons and armor to give to people when they lost their stuff. Good memories, but not sure I could play again. I may give it a shot just to see. I signed up and got in game, but have no idea what to do yet and I don’t have any spare time right now.


I remember watching an older friend playing this with my mates. 5 guys around a monitor marveling that there where actual other people around. He was the only one able to afford a proper online connection back then.


My first foray into MMOs. I enjoyed myself but damm it was expensive. They had an hourly rate. I remember budgeting my play time due to this. It was a taste of what other players were like, pking, trapped into a corner by Silkk the Shocker, you always remember your first griefer, haha. I was so naïve, I just expected everyone to play nice. Jumped ship to UO which had a vastly cheaper monthly rate.