Merry Christmas 2020!!

Merry Christmas to all of QT3!

Season’s Greetings & a belated Happy Hanukkah too.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Does anyone else have Christmas day off? I usually just work, so it’s like any other day, but this year I have Christmas day off. I’m thinking a long day of playing Dragon Quest XI and maybe some hot cocoa.

I get to WFH after today for the rest of 2020, so yes my Christmas this year is in theory at home!

Can’t wait to actually open presents tomorrow! :D

Hope everyone has a great day of eating and eating and more eating oh and gift opening. And eating lots of hams! Also plan to see family via video conferencing tomorrow, everyone should avoid travel if you can.

A weird year in that for dinner we wanted to try a new ham brand and ended up getting a half Kirkland Signature Master Carve Applewood Smoked Ham and a half Boar’s Head Sweet Slice Smoked Uncured Ham, so 2 hams! I will be in ham heaven tomorrow.

Didn’t have time to put up a tree indoors this year, so post your tree photo if you have one , so I can live vicariously through you.

Everyone in our family has Christmas day off. I am off on Christmas Eve this year but that is not every year as we have to have certain team members cover the day. Normally the company usually lets everyone go at Noon anyway and with most of us at home this year it is probably a moot point.

With only three of the family together this year we decided to order Carrabbas today and my wife is making hand made Manicotti and also cooking Filet Mignon on Christmas day.

I’ve been on vacation all week and won’t return to “work” (from home) until Jan 4th. Longest break I’ve had in over a decade. Working from home since March and lost track of how many vacation days I had left since I’ve been home.

Thought I’d have a glorious week of gaming since I haven’t been playing much lately and started off the week food poisoned!!! Two days in bed barely able to do anything (did manage to finally finish Daredevil and the latest Peaky Blinders) and another day recovering. But I plan on hitting the old backlog the rest of the break and get some co-op gaming with my daughter.

Anyways, Happy Holidays all! Hope Santa takes good care of you. Be merry, feast, drink, just do so responsibly.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all. May 2021 suck less, which you wouldn’t think would be a high bar to clear.

As to work, I’m “off” in the sense that I don’t have to teach until mid-January, but like all teachers “breaks” are really just periods where it’s necessary to get some prep done for next semester. At least my schedule is fluid, though, so I’ve even been getting some Fallout 4 in between feedings and diaper changes of the now four month old.


Oooh nice, what are on the tiny scrolls?

Happy Holidays to everyone!

Tonight, we are having leg of lamb. We get to have something new since we aren’t going to see family this year.

Another tree for @lordkosc

It’s the first time we got a real tree in our 25 years of marriage. I’ve never had one, even as a kid. We didn’t put nearly the amount of ornaments as we usually do since this is our dog’s first Christmas and didn’t know how destructive he would be.

He’s not this small anymore - around 60 pounds now.

Omg, he’s so cute!! And I love the smell of real Christmas trees.

Oh that’s a bummer. Hope you’re feeling better now!

No decorations up for us because we’re too lazy but I’ve got until January 11th off so hoping to do plenty of relaxing and gaming. Long overdue, it’s been a busy year despite working from home.

Merry Christmas all and I hope everyone has a better 2021.

How did I miss that? Hope you can enjoy your celebration!

Feeling much better now, thanks.

Bring it, Santa!

Congrats on the baby (if I haven’t said so already, my memory has been terrible lately!) 2021 HAS TO suck less.

What a cute dog! Interesting 2-tone coat he’s got.

Peace on earth good will towards all.

Merry Christmas everyone!


He’s a German Shorthaired Pointer. Some have areas that are all white, some have a mottled mix of white and brown.

They are Bible verses. I made them years and years ago but many have fallen apart with time. We used to read them as we put the tree up each year. We call the Christmas Tree the Tree of Life from Genesis Chapter 3 and imagine the fruit are the verses.