Merry Christmas, God Jul, etc

Since my clock tells me it is exactly 13 minutes past midnight I thought I’d be the one to make the mandatory Christmas Greetings™ post here.

God Jul!

Eh? According to my calender, it’s December 23rd… even if you just passed midnight, it should still only be December 24th, which is Christmas Eve. Do you celebrate Christmas a day earlier in Sweden?

Indeed we do. Dinner, Tree, Presents, Santa, all of those Christmas-y things take place on Christmas Eve here.

Not only in Sweden.

Happy Gift Giving, everyone!

Merry christmas! May all your swordings be merry, and all your burninations be bright.

(flash, music, safe for work)

o0o00 half an hour and it’s the 25th! but I’ll be asleep by then, otherwise Santa won’t come.

Happy Festivus, everyone! Since we spend pretty much the entire year airing grievances, I guess we can skip that part. Anyone up for feats of strength?

[color=red]Happy [/color][color=green]Holidays[/color] [color=red] from [/color] [color=green] the Cooks![/color]

Oooh. Beautiful tree, Denice.

Happy holidays.

…and a very non-denominational gift season to one and all

Eight and a half hours to go here in St. Louis before it’s Christmas. I still need to buy candy and batteries. Gah!

Happy nondenominational winter season from X-Play.

Merry Christmas, everybody.

Merry Christmas guys. Here’s a Finnish little something to make you chuckle:

Merry Christmas everyone. Except Tyler, he’s GODLESS. :D

Merry Solstice, y’all.

Go Paganism!

The end of five hours of sunlight a day! Woohooo!