Message Man - 2019 - as good as John Wick?

Yes, I thought the 2019 film Message Man, featuring no one you’ve ever heard of, was every bit as good as John Wick. Better in some ways. Free if you’ve got Prime.

My girlfriend and I watched this last year, and were blown away at how good it was. I’m sure it wasn’t perfect, but thinking back, I can’t remember anything negative about it. We loved it. This is one of those little treasures we run across from time to time by just trying something at random.

Well I must check it out. Thank you!

Hmmmm, it’s on Hoopla. But not in HD. I might wait until I have Prime Video to check it out instead, since it’s on there as well right now.

Thx for recommendation. We watched it tonight. It’s a good film and the body count is maybe half of John Wick but I would hesitate greatly to say it’s as good as JW. Primarily b/c of the sound design. Everything was so muted and the music, well the music was pretty non-existent.

It’s also very, very low budget. But I can get behind it because it tries and succeeds more than it fails.

I think they used their low budget to good effect, hinting at the gore sometimes, like when one of the newly liberated women in the ships finishes off Mr Bald bad guy.