Metaboli:Third World Gametap

I was looking around for digital download services, and noticed Metaboli.
They’ve got Company of Heroes and the Dawn of War anthology on there now,
so it’s not all old crap - in fact, many titles are relatively recent, and some of
the older ones are real classics (Deus Ex).

Still not the kind of selection you spoiled Merkins have, but it seems to be the
biggest such service for the rest of us.

So I’m wondering if anyone’s tried it, and if online games actually work normally
with regular matchmaking. The number of games look worth it to me, if they
all work normally.

gametap isn’t online/digital download/purchase though. it’s all-you-can-eat access by the month.

That’s what Metaboli is, too. £6.95/£12.95 per month plans. 140+ games in the big subscription.