Metal Arms shameless plug

Hey guys and gals - just wanted to do a shameless plug for Metal Arms, the demo of which is on the latest Official Xbox Mag DVD. Check it out if you’ve got an Xbox.

Metal Arms is a fun little shooter that’s getting some “sleeper hit” love. It’s got a lot of personality and the dev team has put some great little touches into it. People talk a lot about the sad state of the industry and how publishers are only doing licensed games, so here’s your chance to show that a new brand can break through if executed well (of course it’s up to you to decide if the team did a good job!).

Sorry for the shameless plug, but as a gamer I think it’s fun and wanted to pass the word along.

Metal Arms looks like fun. I’ll buy it for my Cube if the reviews are passable.

You’re not shameless until you start your 3rd thread on the same game from your company.

Will do, Adam. I’ve been about a month or two behind on my demo discs, but I’ll be sure to check Metal Arms out ASAP, thanks.

Played the demo and enjoyed it quite a bit. Good fun third person shooter where your blow lots of stuff up. Good choice of weapons/vehicles/enemies and controls are just fine. It’s on my “to buy” list.

When’s it out?

EB sez 11/18, but that’s a retailer.