Metal Gear Mania. TTS and MGS3

I know this isn’t QT3’s favorite game of all time, but personally I can’t wait for these two up and coming games.

TTS trailer looks AMAZING. Some over the top direction here that makes for quite the cinematic experience.


MGS3 trailer on IGN although it’s taken from a camera. Haven’t seen it yet Dl/ing now.

The MGS3 trailer is pretty boring, and doesn’t show much we haven’t already seen. Can’t wait for the game, but this video isn’t even worth the download.

TTS, on the other hand, looks better every time I see it. I know there were rumors about a delay into next year. Is that official yet, or are they still saying it will be out in November?

Gamespot is saying TTS in early 2004. ( ).

“The Twin Snakes was said today to be delayed until early 2004.”

They also have the MGS3 trailer up:

I know that the MGS3 trailer seems kinda dull. I would assume it’s because they want to keep the story and gameplay elements under wraps so all we get is a few tech demos showing the environment and animation (which are both very cool). Time will tell whether the actual gameplay and storyline will keep things interesting though.

2004 is looking to be the year of the SNAKE.

I love the look of the additions to MGS. Lots of revamped cutscenes, which will be nice. Hopefully the rerecorded dialog works; it would suck for it to not be as good as the original. Though, it gives them a chance to fix up the voice acting that sucked in the first.

I’m still miffed that they made it bright outside.

The TTS trailer is pretty cool. I like the new cutscenes, although the missile-jumping bit was silly.

Wacky cyborg ninja action is always good my books. All they need now are dinosaurs and pirates.

Or dinosaur pirates. Or ninja pirate dinosaurs. Or ghost dinosaur pirate ninjas!