Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain could not be more Hideo Kojima


It’s strange because I like what I’m playing but I have no real motivation to come back to it at all after like 5 or so missions in. Also the way the game separates the base from the warzone is really jarring and an unnecessary time kill. Finish mission-ride helicopter for over a minute-load screen-credits?!?-ride helicopter for over a minute-take a bath-say hi to dog-call helicopter-wait 30 seconds for helicopter-ride helicopter for over a minute-load screen-choose loadout-ride helicopter for over a minute-do mission.


I stopped caring for the base pretty quickly (something which went to bite me in the back a couple of times later in the game, but that’s spoiler territory).
The game actually lets you skip most of that stuff pretty easily once you learn to tame it. There is even a very much hidden fast travel mechanics (right in your face, but the game never tells you about it) that makes moving around and even some missions much easier!

But the game is more of the same. If the basic “hide, hide, knock out, make fool of enemies with your dog, snip… OH SH I AM SPOTTED NOW I AM JOHN RAMBO WOOHOO” dynamic isn’t working for you, there is really no point playing the game. I spent many hours in it because I was so fond of that silly action-game loop.
If you are in for the lore, all the story and character development they had in stock was spent in the prologue Ground Zeroes, anyway.


I agree that that slow opening sequence sucked.The helicopter rides sucked.Some of the dialog was painful. But, once I got past that opening mission I thought the gameplay was great. I just pretty much ignored the base, because I’m pretty sure that sucked too. I thought the rest of it was well worth the time though.


MGSV was one of my favorite games whatever year it came out (was that two years ago, now?) - I had just a ton of fun with the momemt to moment gameplay, and just wanted to move around in that space and use all my wonderful toys to try and complete missions and side ops. What a blast. I didn’t do much with the base, but for research and defensive upgrades now and then, but when I was playing the PvP stuff was effectively absent. I think it got more egregious in patches after I had moved on, iirc.

That said, I was tempted to play this again but the idea of going through that opening sequence again sucked the fun out of it. I’ve already done it like twice now, I don’t even remember what made me do it a second time, but I don’t want to do it again all that badly. Plus it sounded like there are some server issues these days. I’ll just fondly remember my many hours with it instead, I believe.


It’s also hard for me going from Breath of the wild where you can climb literally everything that isn’t a shrine to this where you are a badass super soldier who sometimes can’t walk over a rock.


This was also far and away my favorite game the year it came it. For me it was the perfect blend of gameplay and insanity in just the right portions. It was sane just long enough to be comfortable which made the Kojima twists significantly more effective than in any of the previous games.

I also loved the open world gameplay, but I seem to be completely disconnected from others on what I like on this front (I didn’t enjoy Breath of the Wild or Witcher 3). I think I prefer “open world” games that don’t actually use their open world. I prefer when they’re actually a bunch of connected mission maps with nothing interesting in between and an easy way to teleport from mission to mission, effectively removing the benefit of open worlds (which I don’t particularly like).

My favorite part about it is how it changes rules over time. The enemies slowly build up defenses to your preferred strategy which forces you to master one of the other approaches to missions. You’re also constantly gaining new equipment and partners that completely break long-held rules from previous missions. Both of those force a dynamic playstyle over missions that would otherwise play pretty similarly. Unfortunately, if you’re stopping only a few missions in you’ll certainly miss this part. But if you’d want to stop that early I’m not sure you’d enjoy these changes anyways.


Decided to finally give MGS5 a go (largely in part due to a PSN sale dropping it to $10), and wow, that is quite possible the most annoying opening sequence I’ve ever played in a video game. Fortunately things have taken a dramatic turn for the better now that awful sequence is over. Truly that opener was a testament of how not to blend gameplay with cutscenes though.


I just started playing this again thanks to it being free for PSN subscribers, and I can say that you can skip much of the opening sequence by pressing the middle button and then choosing to skip cutscene. It makes it bearable, and gets you to the amazing game pretty fast!


Oh praise jebus


I am too old to keep track of what goes on in all these wacky plot lines… Same problem with MGR and most anime. My brain is just not as sharp.


But here’s the deal; the game is REMARKABLE. One of the best stealth action games I’ve ever played, and I’m smart as shit. :)

Skip every cutscene, like me, and you’re in goofy stealth heaven. I just upgraded my Inflatable Decoy Man with a speaker, so now he spouts little Solid Snake phrases while distracting enemies.





Oh man. I too picked it up free the other day, and I really wish I’d known about skipping chunks of the intro. Still, it’s a bit fun to actually have played it, I now know I have great patience.

I’ve only played 2 or 3 missions so far, but I honestly got so freaked out about The Skulls that I get a pulse everytime I finish a mission, just in fear of encountering them again. Don’t know if I’ll survive seeing them again.
BUT - I’ll keep playing until that happens. So … of you don’t hear from me again, you’ll know The Parasite Unit killed me.


Oh man. I really loved this game. Came in as a definite Metal Gear fan, but Phantom Pain is really the epitome of the series. Still has some Kojima craziness, but a more appropriate amount. The plot does not make a ton of sense, but I actually found myself enjoying the themes of language and legacy/identity. While I’m still not sure if Quiet was supposed to be satire, wish fulfillment, or some combination of both, I even found myself enjoying the relationship between her and Snake by the end of the game (not as much as the relationship between Snake and D. Dog though.

In terms of pure stealth gameplay I do not know of a more enjoyable experience. Really well constructed environments that allow for lots of choice in how to approach missions. Difficulty/AI almost always felt appropriate in that when you died it felt like it was because you messed up and not that the game was unfair. And, a much longer game than expected. I did take a lot of time to go through side quests, and build up my base, but even just the standard story took up a significant portion of my time (and, a lot of later missions would be very tough if you do not take some time to develop your arsenal and sidekicks).

Yes, the game is not perfect, and it is a shame that the final act did not get the completion it deserved, but what a great note for an iconic series to go out on.


Not sure where to put this (maybe P&R) but enjoy.


So this is on sale for the next week and I’m thinking of getting it, but I would like to know about the mission length and the possibility of saving during a mission. How does saving work in this game? Does it use checkpoints or can you save and quit anywhere?


All I know is that was the most painful, boring, nausea-inducing-shaky-cam, melodramatic, weird-Japanese-shit, cinematic-in-the-worst-possible-way, can’t-skip-a-god-damn-bit-of-it prologue in the history of all video games and I seriously hope the rest is a dramatic improvement.


Before you get close to an area with enemies (e.g. outpost, base) the game always saves a checkpoint just before you enter the area. This is so, whether or not you are following a main mission or side mission. So yes there are various and generous checkpoints (in fact I would say this is the checkpoint system done right, without needing to resort to save anywhere).

Mission length can vary. Some are scripted and timed, some are completely open, as long as you complete the objective.

One thing I have to say is that the beginning is pretty tough, because you are totally underequiped for the first few open world missions. Once you opened up your mother base for R&D, then it is a steady state of nirvana. Every hour or so you get a new toy to play with, and approaches to missions really opened up.


Thanks for your detailed explanation! So there is no way to save mid-mission? Unfortunately, that structure is pretty much incompatible with having a toddler.


I agree with this 100%, and yes, the game gets dramatically better after the prologue.