Metal Gear Survive set to expire in 23 days

Anything to make the next three weeks seem a little shorter.

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Their existence, and therefore their identity, is that ineffable lack consciousness behind the face, which was once the outward sign of consciousness. So one of the greatest mistakes you could make with a zombie design is to remove its head.

That’s strikingly insightful. A headless zombie does indeed lack the element of corrupted humanity that makes them “work” as an adversary. Without a head, that wouldn’t work at all.

Is a survival game. They are more a walking node of resources, with a risk attached. They work well has zombies because they are not a risk alone, but they become a danger in groups, and are absolutely not a danger when you are prepared and know what you are doing.

Man the title on this one really got me. I glanced at it and thought “WHAT!? Konami is already shutting down the servers for this, I haven’t even started playing yet!”