Metal Wolf Chaos, feat. Action President


Did you guys forget about this? Because I didn’t ! And the reason is, is because I am the President of these great United States!

I’ve not forgotten about it, just saw it on my wishlist recently. Very excited.

Not these days.

Looks like they’re shooting for a summer release, fingers crossed -


What do you stand for, Michael? Be certain now, as certain as the blood gushing out of your nose after I bash it in! Be certain of your death, here and now!

Hoping this leads to more ports of From games. All their mecha and first-person games would be right at home on PC. Metal Wolf’s translation was already all in English though, I imagine that made the process more palatable.

  • King’s Field, Shadow Tower and Echo Night with sane turn speeds
  • Armored Core with sane controls
  • Kuon at a sane price
  • Chromehounds resurrected from its cruel grave

Another Century’s Episode is probably out of the question with all the anime licenses involved, but I don’t see why the others would be out of the question if they’re keeping source code from at least 2004. Most of their publishing deals were with Sega or Agetec in the US, the former of which has been more than willing to put old classics like Vanquish and Bayonetta on PC and the latter is long gone. They seem to self-publish everything in Japan so they may own the rights to all their franchises anyway, with the exception of Demon’s Souls/Bloodborne (Sony).
Don’t want to Monkey’s Paw it too badly though. Devolver seems to have drummed up a good amount of hype for Metal Wolf, so we’ll see. Maybe I’ll make a tweet-bot that demands FromSoft ports @devolverdigital every year on the day of their original release date.


All right, we’ve got a release date!

If the skin pack is not for the mechas but for the characters, it could be glorious.

Wow, I didn’t realize Chromehounds was From. My brother and I played that one quite a bit. I have always been interested in M.A.V. but never bought in because I’m not sure how big the community is.

“The most American thing to not come out of America.” in the comments says it all.

It’s release day!! Reviews are starting to pop up -

Stupid but good game. Stupid and bad review.

Tim Rogers video review is incredible!


Last I heard it was his video review of Dragon Quest XI, which was pretty epic. You should watch it if you haven’t. Very entertaining.

I haven’t seen this video review yet. Looking forward to it.

Too bad I’m no good at action games, as this game looks fun.


I suck at them too, and this is one of those few games I finished. It’s really easy on you and lets you get overpowered stupidly.

Just invest your early R&D money into machine guns and bazookas and everything will be fine.