Metalocalypse Season 3

That is all.

“This is, I believes called, food libraries.”

“Foooooood libraries.”

Bring it!


Venture Bros Season 3 same day.

Cool, did’t see the bump for that one.

Any news on a DVD release of Season 2 for us poor shmucks without cable?

Nothing on amazon yet, or barnes and nobel, or

But they haven’t even finished season 2 yet! WTF!

Yeah, the season 2 mystery and absence of dvd announcements is really irritating. I’m probably not the only metalocalypse fan who would rather not have to put up with adult swim’s scheduling if a dvd can be scheduled in a reasonable time frame.

Actually, considering by the end of may they are only at ep 13 of season 2, I don’t know how season 3 is supposed to start on june 1st unless they are shorting season 2.

I’m pretty sure the remainder of season 2 episodes were intended solely for the enjoyment of undersea life, and are only being broadcast under the ocean. I’m building a bathysphere to check them out.

I heard it’s because they are too brutal for normal human consumption.


I’m not convinced that this is indeed season 3, but a continuation of new episodes from season 2.

A new Episode “Dethwedding” Eps 207 premiered this week and there was only 6 episode before the strike episodes 200-206. Usually they change the production code number system 100 season 1, 200 season 2 etc and the numbering system is still in the 200 range.

oh found a list:

either way Season 2 or 3 or whatever it’s called, it’s nice to have both new Venture and new Metalocalypse episode running at the same time :)


Nothing on Williams Street/Adult Swim either.
Though there is this also, talk of Dethklock on tour in June!!

There better be, since I already have my ticket for the july Atlanta show. Ticketmaster has all of their dates.

Anybody else going to the Toronto show? I’m going to cut off a few of my fingers and hope Murderface smokes them.

I’d be down for getting together for a coffee… real coffee… from the hills… of Columbia…

(I love that show so much.)

Sorry, Sock, but my concert budget was eaten by Boris and My Bloody Valentine.

That’s okay - you’d probably just get sick of me being extremely jealous of your MBV tickets. :D

I might end up in Toronto for Dethklok. Will just depend if I can swing the day off work to travel.

Also, Episode 7 has been on torrents for a bit. Crap quality, but who cares. It was better than the previous few, thankfully. Hopefully their downtime was used to make the show funny again, as season 2 really started poorly.

Wow the episode this week “Dethcarraldo” has moved the show back into top form.

The Fitzcarraldo homage, classic Skwisgaar and Toki slaughterings of Springlish, hysterical Murderface wiseass remarks, plus a great song. I’ve liked the music this season better then the 1st.

Little more then a week away from seeing the live show and now I’m totally stoked.

Ain’t brushing my teeth in the library, that’s ridiculous.