Meth == Weapons of Mass Destruction?

Stole this off of The Volokh Conspiracy

See the full text here.

Anyway - WTF? So does that mean the federal government can nuke Meth dealers in retaliation now?

Prosecuters are getting kind of upset with the whole meth thing.

Bleach! now it’s a WMD!

[Tim] On the upside, maybe we can turn up some meth in Iraq. [/Tim]

I take it this law could possibly be applied to any synthetic drug?

There’s ones that pop out in pill form from plants and animals?

I’m pretty sure there’s a distinction between “extracted from natural sources” and “manufactured my mixing industrial chemicals in a lab”. Not that drugs extracted from plants can’t be messed with further in a chem lab, most of them are, but things like mushrooms, marijuana and opium can be used pretty much without chemical enhancement.

The natural/artifical dividing line is a bit of a fallacy; you know how a lot of stuff will have “artifical flavoring” listed, while others have “natural flavoring”? Turns out the process used to end up with the chemical result determines the label; the NYT mag had a good article on this a while back. Price is the only difference when you extract cherry flavoring from cherries, instead of manufacturing it from scratch.

Yeah, everyone who hasn’t should read Fast Food Nation. It describes this in great detail, and talks about a few other things that will impact your eating habits.

don’t fart, kids… WMD’s, in our homeland! orange alert! :roll:

Hmm I don’t know how I feel about this. Having felt firsthand the ravagings of a pretty hardcore meth addiction, I say more power to them doing whatever it takes to stop its spread. However, I am also prone to believe that a person has the right to do what they want to their own body.

Hell, I don’t know. I prolly won’t ever be able to come to a clear conclusion on this subject.

not that I’m familiar with US law, but won’t a judge laugh his ass off att WMD charges?
Just had to reply in this thread because of my nick…

From my limited law knowledge - his argument sort of holds water. It’s very much twisting a law to be used in a way it was not intended though.

Any of our Lawyer friends want to comment?

So it’s finally come to this, Meth Gators.

we shudder to think what one all hyped up on meth would do

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Did I stutter?

Illegal drugs are not even the biggest problem, IMHO.