#MeToo hits the British Parliament

18 Ministers, 19 Tory MPs,
1 Labour MP, 1 senior Labour figure,
1 Lib-Dem Lord,
countless more coming out every day.

All under investigation for inappropriate behaviour, sexual harassment, rape or covering it up.

This has the potential to topple a government currently fighting with itself on a cliff edge over the Brexit Disaster.

The most troubling part of all of this is the abuse of power.


  1. short thread about sexual assault and abuse of power in politics.
  2. as some of you may know, i spent a few years as a senior lib dem activist. sitting on their executive board, running their youth wing, etc
  3. during my time i got to meet people in my position in other political parties and let me tell you something
  4. bex bailey’s story is in no way unique. it’s not an issue with labour. not an issue with the left. it’s an issue with politics and power.
  5. I’ve got stories to make your toes curl, and every party has a track record of hiding these stories to avoid press fall out
  6. young people in politics are brainwashed into tribalism and convinced to stay quiet for the good of the party.
  7. No party is innocent when it comes to sexual assault of young people and party cover ups. It’s endemic in Westminster
  8. I can’t really begin to describe the mental health issues young people in politics face as a result of all this
  9. You’re brainwashed into believing your party is your omnipotent God. You can’t talk to anyone about your experiences
  10. If you ever talk you’re seen as a problem person, someone disloyal to the party. Young activists are forced to bottle these feelings up
  11. In one of my experiences I told someone in the Lib Dems I couldn’t go canvassing with a Lord because he’d previously touched me up
  12. The response? “We all know you’d do anything to further your career. Go out on a round with him.”
  13. My reputation for ambition meant that I would likely enjoy a grope because I’d supposedly do anything to get to the top
  14. Anyway, this was the most minor incident but what I’m trying to say here is young people are not protected in politics
  15. I still get a lot of shit for “banning sex” at a youth politics event. It was a reaction to an atmosphere of assault at political events
  16. Politics has an issue with the abuse of power on a scale that no one can comprehend. It’s not just one isolated rape case in Labour
  17. Mostly men attend political events to prey on younger and weaker people. New young women are treated like fresh meat
  18. These young people then grow up through political ranks to become MPs. This behaviour is never questioned or called out. It’s cyclical
  19. The worst is, it’s normal. Young people then don’t ever work in non political jobs and never learn about employment rights
  20. A parliamentarian felt you up and you’re told that you should like it for your career? When you know nothing else that’s the norm
  21. It’s been nearly 2 years since I left politics and I honestly feel now that young people should not be involved in political parties
  22. Political parties do not care about anything apart from their own press image and electability. Protecting members is not in their interests
  23. You have to attend conferences to progress in politics where strange men ply you with alcohol
  24. shit this thread isn’t short at all my bad. I’m remembering so many horrible incidents as I write this
  25. Political parties would never disband youth wings either because the average membership age is 100 and youth wings can deliver leaflets
  26. But political parties will do nothing to protect these people they exploit. Abuse of power isn’t just sexual
  27. I have permanent knee damage from the by elections and campaigns I would have to do “for my political career” - 10 hr days without food
  28. Parties have vested interests in using these young people to deliver leaflets but if they err say a bad word about the party they’re dead
  29. Youth wing meet ups would sit around laughing and joking about which MPs were creepy and to be avoided
  30. At one conference we played a game where the winner was the one who got the most free drinks off of a parliamentarian with a reputation
  31. Basically: none of this is an open secret and political party infrastructure is set up in a way where abuse is inevitable
  32. Parties don’t want to stop assault and will not help the victims. Young people grow into adults and abuse the next generation
  33. At no point does anyone talk, or share stories, because you look like a traitor to your cult
  34. then low and behold we’ll sit around wondering why career politician dave has a penchant for researchers and a conference bar reputation
  35. Politics attracts people who are drawn to power. Rape and assault is never about sex, it’s about power.
  36. If you’re a young person thinking about a career in politics my honest to god advice is: don’t. It’s not safe and the damage isn’t shortterm
  37. I think this is my final point: there’s a reason why young women in politics become ardent feminists
  38. Talking about what goes on behind closed doors is not allowed. You’ll become the problem, not the abuser or the culture.
  39. I felt that the only way I could stop things was by becoming a feminist campaigner and stopping “societal” sexual assault and rape
  40. That way I could keep my campaigner credentials and do something about it in the abstract, without sullying my career or party
  41. Ultimately though, society does have an assault problem but it is nowhere near the scale in politics. And tbh we shouldn’t put up with it

Sounds like a religious cult.

“Short thread”

41 tweets later…

and unburdening of secrets is therapeutic is it not.

The Socialist Workers Party is an actual rape cult. They entrap many young people with cult techniques, and once inside they are at the mercy of the seniors.

They are why the centre left refuse to support or engage with a few innocent sounding groups like Unite Against Fascism and Stand Up To Racism, which are gateways into the SWP cult.
The current leadership have no problems with the SWP. Bennett Weyman spoke alongside the Shadow Home Secretary at this years Labour Conference.

Despite Corbyns long links with the SWP, Labour is acting swiftly to identify and deal with anyone, and using independent bodies to investigate it.

Speaking out about rape and sexual harassment takes enormous courage. Bex Bailey has shown incredible bravery by talking publicly about what has happened to her and has my full support and solidarity.
I have asked Labour’s general secretary, Iain McNicol, to launch an independent investigation into the allegations that she wasn’t given the support from the party she should have received and had the right to expect.
There will be no tolerance in the Labour Party for sexism, harassment or abuse. Whatever it takes, we are absolutely committed to rooting it out.

I give this thread a 4 on the posts-to-Corbyn scale.

And the minister of defence just resigned.

Damn, that is crazy. Makes perfect sense though, as it seems British politics is much like Hollywood (or American politics), where the young, fresh and hopeful are preyed upon and those who remain eventually perpetuate the cycle.

On an unrelated note, as an American I want to become a “Lib-Dem Lord”. It sounds like the most leveled up version of a liberal Democrat you can attain.

“Yeah, I just dinged 100 and made Lib-Dem Lord. I now have an AoE that causes conservative voters heads to explode when they’re in proximity to me and fail their saving throw. It’s kind of awesome.”

Wait, that sort of alleged behavior can disqualify one from high office? Huh.

Well, you’re not really a serious Tory until you’re a disgraced former defence minister.

I’m hoping that #MeToo hits the US political system (well, other than the raper in chief) because I’m sure the same thing happens here, too.

I did not think you had it in you.

So, as far as I can tell the Tory Chief Whip leaked his own internal sexual deviant blackmail list, but kept behind the stuff he blackmailed Fallon to resign with, he then recommended himself to be Fallons replacement and that’s why Gavin Williamson is the new Defence Secretary, and lots of Tories are very unhappy.

Or this all could be a dead cat strategy to keep the public away from the rape allegations.

and the Daily Mail demonstrates what it will do to women who speak up.