Metro 2033 sequel: Metro Last Light

HQ CEO Brian Farrell has confirmed that Metro: Last Light will be the title of the upcoming sequel to the 4A Games-developed shooter Metro 2033. The announcement was made during a THQ investor conference call.According to Joystiq, THQ had recently registered the domain names “,” “,” and “”

The second game in the series based on the novel from Dmitry Glukhovsky will be titled, “Metro: Last Light.”

Anyone have read the novels?

I have not found the sequel in my local bookstore, but I absolutely LOVED the first one. I suppose I’ll have to go to soon.

I started by playing the game, not knowing about the novels, and really loved how thorough the game was made and the atmosphere it attempted to create. I then read Metro 2033 and realised that this was one of the few times that both a book and its “new-media” recreation (in this case a game) were both really good.

I only wish I could read in Russian so I could read it in its original language, as there is probably a lot lost in the translation to English.

High hopes for the sequel to the game though. If they manage to continue with what they did in the first game it will be a very very good game.

Searched a bit more, found a preview

Cool. I reinstalled the original game to see how well I could do maxing out the graphics on my new PC. (Not very well: still dips to the low 20s, but it looks very sharp.) I played for a few minutes until I realized I didn’t want to bother with the shooting and gameplay again. It sounds like they’re making a few changes to that.

Damn, low 20s with your new computer? I could swear you bought a beefy one.

I think they have a fundamental issue with many pretties = cramped area.,2664.html

Well, you were right, i thought the game already ran much better with the graphic cards released in the past year. Senseless bells & whistles, then. And Witcher 2 is prettier with only Dx9 :P.

I’m not a connoisseur but the game looks extremely good. I’d say it does indoors the best while TW2 concentrates on different things.

I’m not sure which graphics option causes the most slowdown. Maybe their fancy anti-aliasing? Anyway, the reason I brought it up is I fear the computer necessary to run Last Light. On the other hand those screenshots look vaguely similar to the original. Probably just incremental improvements. But I wouldn’t upgrade for this game specifically unless the gameplay is much improved.

Naeblis missed the E3 trailer! It’s just your standard Western style trailer, really. Nothing to see here… :)

God I love East European game developers.

Anyway, the gameplay and cinematic style look the same as expected. We’ll have to wait and see if they improved the shooting and feel, which seems to be their main goal based on the previews.

Man, that looked really good! No surprise though, since the first game was pretty cool as well.

Ah, cant wait! =) Some promising content from the trailer, although didn’t like the music/sync with video. Looked a lot like the original.

The game should be sold with the book as a CE. Last game I recall doing that was Colditz, and it was grand. (good book/game btw)

Delayed until early 2013. On the bright side: that gives videocards more time to catch up!

Assuming THQ is still around by then.

4A Games would probably be able to self-fund it if THQ dropped them entirely.

Ouch! I just bought a GTX570, and was so proud. It’s the most money I’ve ever spent on a video card. in years past, I always hung out in the $200 range, but this one put me well over $300. It’s a vast improvement over my old GTX460, but wow, only 33 frames (and 20 for the 460)? I bought the game, but never installed or played it, knowing I’d need a faster card. And now that I have one, it appears to still not be enough. Well, it’s enough, really, but I’m now getting accustomed to 60+ with everything maxed on all my other games.

Live action trailer

It’s “only” a live action trailer, not gameplay but it happens to be very well done. Watch it.


The character models are ugly and the colors are all washed out. Will not buy. Decent animations though.

That trailer was great.

Really looking forward to this game. Might have to re-read the book(s) to get in the spirit.