Metro 2033 sequel: Metro Last Light


It took me 2 years but I finally got around to playing and I have the redux version. Based on the mission list, I’m probably almost half way done. I think my opinions on Last Light is very similar to 2033. The game is high on atmosphere and place, but I just don’t find the actual gameplay as good as some other shooters. The story is OK, but the game isn’t very story heavy. There have been some interesting characters, but it definitely doesn’t seem to be the focal point.


I finished Metro Last Light Redux tonight and have similar feelings about it as Metro 2033. There is something about the 2 Metro games that cause me to think about abandoning them 33% of the way through or so. I think it’s a combination of the drab setting, lack of enemy variety and the shooting just doesn’t feel as good as some other shooters.

But that drab setting really helps make the Metro feel like a desperate place. Maybe desperate isn’t always the right world because often the people press on with their lives as best as they can. There is something about how the story is delivered that I think makes it have less of an impact for me. In Last Light I think it was much more story sparse at the beginning, and since the shooting isn’t that great the game as a whole suffered. I got much more into the last 25% of the game where the story seemed to get dolled out at a quicker pace.

I’m mostly happy that I stuck with it, but there were times in the middle I struggled to continue.


One of the first games I bought on the Xbox One was the Metro Redux package. And then promptly ignored it from then on. I really need to play through Metro 2033 again and play Last Light for the first time. I really enjoyed the second half of 2033 a lot, but it’s the prospect of playing that first half again that keeps me away. I really didn’t like the first half of 2033. That, and it’s a really long game. Way too long.


Yeah I bought both games on Xbox One a while back when they were on a deep sale, but I’ve never worked up the nerve to jump in. They look pretty grim, and I think I need the right mindset for that.


I’m just about finished with Metro 2033. Never played Last Light before but I’m looking forward to playing it next.

Is Last Light significantly better than 2033? The stealth is kind of annoying but overall I love the atmosphere and such.


It’s more of the same. Vanilla version was a little more action oriented compared to 2033, but I don’t know how things are in the Redux versions. Overall vanilla 2033 on Ranger is still my favorite experience of the series.


Awesome, just found @tomchick’s review!


I thought it was significantly better, yeah. But I played nonreduxed versions, I would assume 2033 with redux got lot of its rough edges smoothed out. Tom’s review is on the money though.


Whoa, thanks for that link, Mr. 8R. Here’s a game I haven’t thought about in a while. Two things come to mind reading that review.

A) Now I want to go back and replay Metro Last Light.

B) Sometimes I read something I wrote a long time ago and I have no idea what I was talking about. To wit:

There was an airplane crash in Last Light? Jeeze, I have no idea what I was on about.



There was a crashed plane you pass through… Did it maybe trigger flashbacks to the world ending?


I just realized I never got around to playing Last Light. This must be remedied.


Same here. And I’ve owned it since 2013. Paid full price too. I just keep pushing it back. I’ll get to it eventually!


Don’t worry - Exodus will be along soon :)


Can I just jump into Last light without having played 2033, or is it better to start at the beginning? I assume Last Light will look a bit better and be a more polished iteration of its engine/gameplay?


Yes to both.

I mean, I still would recommend giving a go to 2033, if you can.


Ok, thanks for the info. Guess I’ll spend a few bucks more for the combo bundle then.


This is my goal before Anno comes out in February. Last Light Redux version that is. :)

Currently playing 2033 Redux (PICS HERE), love the atmosphere, I saw @robc04 comments above and do agree a bit, but the world you see tells its own story in a way.

@Cormac did you ever get around to playing either game?


I too own both games and totally intend to play them, along with the third one. Someday.


Aside from the occasional awful writing I have a soft spot for Last Light. I consider it a huge missed opportunity for them to have presented Ana as such an annoying and ineffectual character when she is kind of introduced as an experienced badass, but I still love the game.

I am desperately hoping Exodus will be as good or better.


Well, I did give the orignal a bash, but got sidetracked and distracted by another game (I think it was 2 point hospital?). Then Red Dead 2 came along… Anyway, been meaning to get back to it for a while now! Thanks for reminding me!