Metro 2033 sequel: Metro Last Light

I too own both games and totally intend to play them, along with the third one. Someday.

Aside from the occasional awful writing I have a soft spot for Last Light. I consider it a huge missed opportunity for them to have presented Ana as such an annoying and ineffectual character when she is kind of introduced as an experienced badass, but I still love the game.

I am desperately hoping Exodus will be as good or better.

Well, I did give the orignal a bash, but got sidetracked and distracted by another game (I think it was 2 point hospital?). Then Red Dead 2 came along… Anyway, been meaning to get back to it for a while now! Thanks for reminding me!

I bought this game when they did the redux version for the “new” consoles (at the time). But now that I have access to Metro 3, I think I can’t keep postponing playing through Metro 2. I think it’s time to install and play through it so that I can play the sequel.

I’m really surprised that they went with the regular ending of the first game as canon. I thought someone in that thread said that they assumed you got the good ending in the first game (an ending which I didn’t even have a clue existed until someone told me). But no, as I started this last night, it turns out what I did at the end of the first game is what happened. I fired the missiles.

Bad ends are more dramatic, which is better for fiction. People in general exaggerates over what’s a ‘bad end’.

By the way, I really dislike the voice-acting in this game. I couldn’t stand to listen to most of the side conversations going on between people because it sounds very amateurish and unnatural.

I should switch to Russian voice acting now, since I’m not paying attention to the side conversations that won’t be subtitled if I switch.

That’s Metro eternal debate. I read that they actually use real Russians (at least in the last one) so it isn’t like they are imitating a fake thick accent. But several of the actors are just not good, Russian or not.

I deal with it, but one of the obvious annoying things to me in the dialog heavy parts is an awful tendency for everyone to make huge plosives (or random sighing/noises) before actually speaking their lines. Like consistently.

No audio director should be ok with that, it just ruins the flow. A few here and there are fine, but just minutes and minutes of it over and over is very not fine.

But the game is still great regardless.

So I’ve recently been playing Metro Last Light Redux on an Xbox One X and things have mostly been going well.

I am having some type of corrupted save or load error in the Catacombs level. I died to the boss in the level and when I went to continue the game loaded to 83% then froze and the game hard quit to the Dashboard. Okay, I figured a temporary glitch. I restarted the chapter got a bit further then died again to a stupid mistake. Went to load and again the game loaded the file to 83% then froze and hard quit again.

Anyone else experience this? I know most people probably played on PC, but I am not sure it is even worth continuing. Seems like I have to get through the whole level without dying or else I face a corrupted save/load process. Sucks that this game doesn’t allow any manual saves.

Well, it seems like the solution to this was to get through the level without being killed and triggering a loading error.

I am hoping that the rest of the game is a bit more stable.

Apologies in revisiting a discussion from a long time ago but I just finished LL. Savillo wrote the following about the ending:

A note on that:

One of the last journal entries you get in the campaign (maybe the last) actually notes that D6 didn’t contain any food, supplies, or other helpful items for a peaceful society. Ranger leader Miller actually went room to room and only found biological weapons (such as what the Reds used) and other weapons of mass destruction so destroying the bunker seems to have been the better bet thus making the “bad” ending quite good in many respects.

I may have more thoughts later.

Bad voice acting or not, the way the English dialogue is written is fucking horrendous.

Even STALKER dialogue is less stupid and it’s downright batshit crazy at times.

I wonder if this is a case of lost in translation or something else, as it seems both games try to go for the same style of writing. I wonder if the intention was to have these characters more relatable by having them swear and in general give them a blue collar feel but the English version comes out completely unnatural and silly as a result.