Metro 2033 sequel: Metro Last Light

I too own both games and totally intend to play them, along with the third one. Someday.

Aside from the occasional awful writing I have a soft spot for Last Light. I consider it a huge missed opportunity for them to have presented Ana as such an annoying and ineffectual character when she is kind of introduced as an experienced badass, but I still love the game.

I am desperately hoping Exodus will be as good or better.

Well, I did give the orignal a bash, but got sidetracked and distracted by another game (I think it was 2 point hospital?). Then Red Dead 2 came along… Anyway, been meaning to get back to it for a while now! Thanks for reminding me!

I bought this game when they did the redux version for the “new” consoles (at the time). But now that I have access to Metro 3, I think I can’t keep postponing playing through Metro 2. I think it’s time to install and play through it so that I can play the sequel.

I’m really surprised that they went with the regular ending of the first game as canon. I thought someone in that thread said that they assumed you got the good ending in the first game (an ending which I didn’t even have a clue existed until someone told me). But no, as I started this last night, it turns out what I did at the end of the first game is what happened. I fired the missiles.

Bad ends are more dramatic, which is better for fiction. People in general exaggerates over what’s a ‘bad end’.

By the way, I really dislike the voice-acting in this game. I couldn’t stand to listen to most of the side conversations going on between people because it sounds very amateurish and unnatural.

I should switch to Russian voice acting now, since I’m not paying attention to the side conversations that won’t be subtitled if I switch.

That’s Metro eternal debate. I read that they actually use real Russians (at least in the last one) so it isn’t like they are imitating a fake thick accent. But several of the actors are just not good, Russian or not.

I deal with it, but one of the obvious annoying things to me in the dialog heavy parts is an awful tendency for everyone to make huge plosives (or random sighing/noises) before actually speaking their lines. Like consistently.

No audio director should be ok with that, it just ruins the flow. A few here and there are fine, but just minutes and minutes of it over and over is very not fine.

But the game is still great regardless.