Metro Exodus may ruin the bullet economy

Yeah, I really started to get into it in the first open area, and I’m loving the atmosphere and immersion. It’s definitely giving me a Far Cry 2 vibe in a good way.

What’s the number I keep seeing in the bottom right of the screen? It could be an autosave notification maybe? But it’s been 000776 or something for a while and I don’t know what it’s telling me…

And how do I use a pneumatic rifle? Does it need pumping up somehow?

Game seems great still. Nice to have something handcrafted after a slew of Ubigames, which if not procedural, possibly could be.

It’s good that you’re asking this question now. I got through all of Metro 2033 and then I came to Qt3 and said “it’s weird how they provided you with pneumatic rifle and then once you were out of ammo, you had no way to use again the whole rest of the game. Wasn’t that weird guys?”, and Qt3 was like, duh Rock8man, you’re supposed to use the [Redacted] button, which lets you pump the rifle.

:) 345

The number is something like the number of kilometers you have traveled, I think.

And yes, the air rifle needs pumping.

But it needs ammo too, right? I made like only 3 shots before it stopped working, and now it says 0 bullets.

you can easily craft pellets from the gun, using your knapsack.

But how do you pump it? M&K…

I think it involves reload key? Maybe hold zoom and then reload, or the other way around.

I think it was holding the reload key (so, r) and then clicking.

Yes, holding the reload key will pull it into position, then fire key to pump iirc.

Oh obviously. Thanks :)

Is anyone else playing on Ranger Hardcore mode and is quicksaving disabled? Can’t tell if this is intended or broken by game pass.

Quick save is disabled on Ranger HC.

Patch today. Let’s see…

Still can’t get the DX11 selection to stick.

A good video explaining why the game is so “immersive” (which also explains why I like it so much):

And done. I felt the openness kind of vanished after The Caspian, which was a shame. Still a good time, but not quite as great as it seemed it was going to be.

The first DLC’s about to be revealed.

The Two Colonels DLC was revealed today, apparently, and will feature a flamethrower. And it’s out tomorrow, August 20. Surprise!