Metro Exodus may ruin the bullet economy

I think it involves reload key? Maybe hold zoom and then reload, or the other way around.

I think it was holding the reload key (so, r) and then clicking.

Yes, holding the reload key will pull it into position, then fire key to pump iirc.

Oh obviously. Thanks :)

Is anyone else playing on Ranger Hardcore mode and is quicksaving disabled? Can’t tell if this is intended or broken by game pass.

Quick save is disabled on Ranger HC.

Patch today. Let’s see…

Still can’t get the DX11 selection to stick.

A good video explaining why the game is so “immersive” (which also explains why I like it so much):

And done. I felt the openness kind of vanished after The Caspian, which was a shame. Still a good time, but not quite as great as it seemed it was going to be.

The first DLC’s about to be revealed.

The Two Colonels DLC was revealed today, apparently, and will feature a flamethrower. And it’s out tomorrow, August 20. Surprise!


So I guess this will be again linear interior based affair?

I guess it makes sense, but after the open maps of Exodus I am not gonna be in a hurry to get back into the tunnels.

Season Pass is up on Steam now.

Also the new dlc is sold separately if your not into season passes.

It would make sense because a pair of linear levels are less work-intensive that a big open world area that also includes some dungeons.

So this is for those people who grabbed it before it left steam? I guess Epic didn’t pay for the DLCs’ exclusivity?

Ha, I can purchase the DLC on Steam but not the base game!

It’s a Gamepass game.

I’ve been playing this thanks to gamepass, it’s my first metro game and I was enjoying it. It took me a while to get used to the mute main character, I thought it was a bug at first because some of the other characters voices were inaudible if you weren’t facing them head on. But I later learned he just doesn’t speak. I don’t get why the game devs have others ask him questions if he’s never going to say a word, but no big deal.

What is a big deal is that all the armor upgrades I found have vanished, so I’m stuck with the basic helm with the worst filters, body armor that can carry hardly any ammo etc. It’s irritated me enough that I think I’m done with it, so back to the underground with you Metro your time on the surface has come to an end.

Seems thats a bug from about a month ago, still not fixed.