Metro Exodus may ruin the bullet economy

Interested in the game, waiting for it to come to GOG without Denuvo.

For fourteen bucks, it’s a steal, for sure. And with RTX stuff, it’s gorgeous, definitely. It has a lot of the same sort of episodic feel, where gameplay is segments of relatively defined chunks of action, sort of like chapters, as the other games, at least at first. I have never read much about the lore–or paid much attention, really, to the in-game stories–but the reveal in the early minutes of the game was pretty cool.

Nor Steam now, unless you already preordered there.

Sam had a story and its out now for you to buy and play.

Well, the game is out on Steam now, 40% off for launch weekend. That’s pretty good, I think I will go ahead and pick it up at that price.

Ignore me , the damn link I used updated to the new price, lol. 40% isn’t bad, I see there are around 7k players on right now.

I am playing Two Colonels and I was looking forward to the raytraced emissive lightning and it is nowhere to be found, WTF? Did they take it out or something.

Dev’s did an AMA yesterday.

@Paul_cze did you ever get RTX working in the dlc?

Two Colonels is like 2 hours long. I finished it as it was, with RT enabled but seemingly not working. In Sam’s Story RT worked for GI (like in the main game) normally.

So the two DLCs were strong enough that you’d recommend the deluxe edition over the regular?

They have a 3rd dlc planned I think also.

And nope, no 3rd dlc , I wonder what game I was thinking of?

I recommend both DLCs if you enjoyed the main game, for sure.

Very much enjoying this game but I have a very strange problem. I got to the Caspian region, then to comms center, got through the storm where I had to put my mask on, then got the car. I need to do some repair before heading out so I went back to the train, and found that they had set up a base camp inside one of the buildings. I still had my mask on, and when I entered the building, I automatically took off my mask. But strangely, I couldn’t breathe - I died while trying to make some shotgun shells. I reloaded, then went back inside same thing happened, so I made my shells very quickly and got back outside and I still couldn’t breathe. No one else has their mask on either.

Well, I can wear a mask if needed so I went to find another workbench. Killed some slavers in a ship and found a workbench. But even though my mask is still on and there is no mask removal animation, my mask presumably comes off as I still can’t breathe. So again, any weapon modifications/crafting have to be done very quickly.

Anyone heard or run into this? This is very frustrating and in some ways makes the game unplayable. I have no idea what is going on or why the game is acting this way. This is one of the strangest bugs I’ve seen in a game. Anyone?

At this point I’m tempted to reload the level and see if it happens again or I can get past it.

Well, dammit, I am really screwed. I was going to go back and restart Caspian but the only chapters that show up are the Introduction and Moscow. Nothing for Volga, Yamantau or Caspian. That really pisses me off, I really don’t want virtually start the entire game over. This just really sucks all the way around.

That does suck. I hate it when stuff like that happens. Maybe put if down a for a while?

What’s weird is that I can find everything in my save folder:

Theres a “winter.player” file which would be the travel to Volga
A “bridge.player” file which I presume is Volga
A “spring.player” file which would be traveling to Yamantau
A “Yamantau.player” file which would be Yamantau
A “desert.player” file which would be Caspian

What is not in the file are the chapter saves I can see in the Main Menu:

If I can find where those are maybe I can move the above file to their location. That said, based upon my research, the first files I mentioned appear to be in the proper place. I have no idea what is going on.

Edit, for some reason the Chapter menu would nto scroll down far enough… I tried doing that earlier, duh, but it wouldn’t scroll. I just now tried again and it now worked. So at least I can start from the beginning of the level. Relief!

Ugh, not excited about entering an underground compound with spiders . . .

WTF!?! One of those flying demons picked me up OUT OF MY TRUCK through the open roof! Here I was checking my map and the next thing I knew I was being lifted up until I was finally dropped. That ticked me off, wasted a bunch of ammo but I finally shot him down I was so pissed!!!

Wait what?