Metro Exodus may ruin the bullet economy

Yes, there are in the third, can’t speak to the second.



Enhanced Edition seems to be fairly well optimized, or the RT impact is minimal, I honestly can’t tell since you can’t turn it off anyway - but I’m getting ~80-90 fps on a 3060 RTX (!) at 1440p on Ultra settings and Quality DLSS (still my favorite computer tech advancement in the last 20 years, easily).

But man the way this game wants you to stand around and listen to convos riles me up like few other things, it’s so asinine that it’s hard to comprehend. Someone in the dev department really wanted to justify the VO budget I guess…

It was really hard to find some gameplay to check out the enhancements!

I don’t know who started the trend (I kind of think it may have been Infinity Ward), but so many modern game developers think of themselves as film producers it seems. And they actually think when people pay $60 for a game that what they’re really looking for is a movie to watch.

The opening of Metro Exodus is one of the worst examples I’ve run into with this. Never even fucking mind the dialog sequences; the actual “gameplay” involves you walking down a corridor, pressing a button to open a door whereupon the game takes control of your character while you watch a protracted door-opening sequence, followed by you walking further and pressing a button to descend a ladder, whereupon the game takes control of your character while you watch a protracted ladder-descension sequence, walking to a room whereupon the game takes control of your character while he gets attacked by enemies, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera…

It’s not fun. It’s not immersive. It’s not impressive. It’s stupid. I’m not interested in watching the developers play my game for me. When the game takes control of my character and runs hurriedly through a door while a big toothy monster is in pursuit I’m not thinking to myself “Wow this is so exciting and scary!”; I’m thinking “Wow I wish I could actually fucking play this game myself.” And no, putting a QTE in the middle of the cutscene so the player can mash the E button a hundred times is not “gameplay”; it’s “lazy”.

That’s why I laugh when I hear people comparing these games to Stalker, which is the polar opposite of Metro as far as design philosophy is concerned. Stalker was designed to be a game. Half the time Metro feels like it was designed to be a tech demo. Like their core goal was to make something that looked impressive on YouTube.

I tried Guardians of the Galaxy last night and just put it back down after a while because there’d been no significant gameplay.

I blame Half Life.

Unfortunately, even the latest STALKER Call of Pripayat is so old it should be in a museum. I find it so dated, it’s unplayable.

This is such an exaggeration. I get you not liking the game taking control from you, but still, this take is way over the top, IMO. It’s not Stalker, but it’s not trying to be, despite what others may say. It’s still a very fun game.

I am fine with some scripted scenes as long as they are not too long drawn. There’s still a lot of game to be had in Metro Exodus.

Metro Exodus is fantastic. But yeah you gotta be able to accept that it has some character moments and storytelling to do as well. But Volga and Caspian are awesome places to explore.

I’m really warming up to it too. I played it at release and gave up when I reached the section with tree houses. This time I’m playing on Normal and I’m actually enjoying stealth sections. I’d love to play on Ranger difficulty but not having button prompts and giving X-ray vision to AI just makes it more frustrating than fun.

Performance continues to be fantastic with RT on in Caspian, makes me wonder why some other RT titles (CP77, Dying Light 2) tank performance so much compared to this.

Yeah, exactly the reason why I ignore ranger difficulties.

I think RT in those games is more demanding mostly on the CPU, and since they have much larger maps with lot more density and number of entities in them the CPU gets hammered lot harder than in Metro. Just a guess.

In theory…yes? But I have a Ryzen 5600x and I don’t remember my cpu utilization in CP77 ever going above 60%, meanwhile GPU is consistently taxed at 90%, even without RT.

I mean it’s not really a big deal, the fake lighting in games got so good over the years that I sometimes prefer it over the RT implementation, believe it or not. Doom Eternal is particularly disappointing in that regard, apart from reflections I can’t even tell RT is on.

But the DLSS is kicking ass hard, as far as I’m concerned the #1 reason to get an RTX enabled card at this stage.

I don’t think that’s actually representative of how demanding a game is, because no game is perfectly paralelized. On my 2700X in Cyberpunk I also never saw any core at 100% utilization, but my framerate was regularly dropping in heavily populated areas with RT on even in 720p when GPU is doing fuck all, simply because CPU cannot feed it RT data fast enough.

I thought Doom Eternal only used RT for reflections and for nothing else. Since it has no dynamic lighting and everything is baked, there is no need for realtime RTGI.

As for RT in general, I consider it very impressive and desirable (compared to nonRT) in Cyberpunk, Control, Metro Exodus, Dying Light 2, Guardians of the Galaxy and Quake 2.

I agree that DLSS is is awesome. Lets me play games in lot higher image quality.

Just finished the game, got the good ending and…wow. No words.

Really looking forward to play the DLCs now.

Honest to god I want to punch the guy that writes english convos in this game. How is it possible that what the game is trying to convey (and succeeds mostly) is so at odds with what comes out of the mouths of these NPC, I just don’t get it, I really don’t. I think it has to be one of the worst “lost in translation” cases I have ever seen, and I’m saying that because Sam who is an American national, speaks perfectly normal English. Everyone else around him sounds like they learned 2nd hand English from the tv, down to the bastardized usage of idioms. The heavy accents just further emphasize this ridiculousness.

This trilogy should be played in russian really.