Metro Exodus may ruin the bullet economy


True, at least a year from now it should be bug free on Steam.


Plus the DLCs will be out so you will get to play complete experience. Frankly I am kinda hesitating if I should just wait for those as well or start playing when they fix it. Because I do not like going back to play new content if the content is added to a game I already finished. Unless it is a post-ending expansion, then it is ok, but no idea what the DLCs for Metro are gonna be like.


True, what is in the season pass? I haven’t found much info.

Also this fantastic cinematic was not posted here yet.


I just got done building my first gaming pc in a few years, and this was the first thing I installed. About 10 minutes into the game and I got a hard lock that forced me to reboot my computer. WTH? I’ve had no other issues in other apps/games. Playing on a Ryzen 2700 with a EVGA 1070. Game looks fantastic, but I will switch to DX 11 since playing in 12 may be the issue.


Between you and @Paul_cze I’m wondering if there isn’t an issue with AMD CPUs.


Or GTX 1070 since I have that too! :D

But yeah I had the same experience. And now the game does not even start, it hangs on that first legal info splash screen. I uninstalled it and wait for patches.


Gtx 1070 here, no crashes or hangs so far.

But I have an 8700k cpu in case that’s at all relevant.


I have an Nvidia card as well is the thing, and no problems here, that’s why I was suspecting the AMD chip, which whenever I read about crashes the same person has a Ryzen chip. That can’t be a co-incidence.


Well whatever it is, I hope it gets fixed asap. Nothing will piss me off more than if the rtx2080ti arrives and I still can’t play it because I happened to buy ryzen after a decade on intel.

BTW, does anyone here have the aurora edition PC version? I am asking because there is supposed to be expansion pass included, but there is only one code. So is the pass included with the code to the game itself or am I missing something?


I’ve watched a few gameplay videos and the game looks like a lot of fun. The addition of less claustrophic above ground areas really adds a lot the game IMO. I’m having trouble holding out until the game comes out on Steam :)

Important tip from watching:

Get to a high place as soon as you can once you get binoculars and look out across the area, panning slowing and focusing on potential sites. Every so often, an icon will pop of in the upper left hand window, telling you that a point of interest has been added to your map. It’s the easiest way to find stashes, resources and trouble :)


Played for an hour or so. Runs great on ultra on my 1440 monitor with a GTX1070. No bugs, crashes or anything. Flipping between Russian with subs or English. Might stick with the Russian. Looking forward to getting out of the linear story stuff into the more open levels.


So apparently the Denuvo malware the game come with has been removed by the warez scene. Guess it was well worth the investment…

How is the game compared to the previous games? Not sure if this version is also tied to a book? I’ve only read the first Metro book, that I quite liked.


Better weapon sounds, the rest is more or less the same, as far as gameplay is concerned. I literally want to punch the person responsible for writing character lines in this series, it’s so cartoonishly terrible. And I still laugh out loud every time I see enemy flinch animations, straight out of 2001 lmao. And the stealth sections are still terrible.

If you liked gameplay in the previous Metro games you’ll like it here too, if not, you won’t.


Yea, I liked the story, pacing and the whole exporing tunnels in the dark from the previous games. This one is more of an open world thing I believe, so not sure how I’ll like that – but, I did like the Stalker games so I guess it will feel kinda the same - without the terrible UI those games had, replaced with the bullet economy (if they still kept that one).

And lacking another Arx Fatalis in the dark dungeons, I guess we’ll have to settle for Metro. Still ought to replay the “HD” versions of the two previous iterations, and hopefully by the time I am done, this one will have patched out denuvo and dropped the price.



If anything the open world makes the game better because it allows you to play at your own pace more often. In previous two games you were often rushed along by the npcs and it felt like both games were comprised of scripted sequences and gauntlets you had to run through, such as the infamous trolley in the first game.


So it lasted only five days…I wish publishers would stop using it already. Instead, put your games on GOG and every other store ffs.


Now let’s see if they follow the path of other publishers and remove it from the legal version.


I wonder if non lethal stealth and with it the good ending is even na option on Ranger Hardcore, it seems to be impossible to pick off enemies one by one.


One thing I really have to praise this game for is the fov setting for weapons - it’s one of those rare shooters where iron sights are actually useful because the weapons aren’t literally glued to the player’s face.


That was sort of my take on the earlier games too. Much of it I loved, like the atmosphere, lore, and some of the gunplay, but I always felt I was either pushed along without being able to explore or was forced into as you say “gauntlet” sequences.