Metro Exodus may ruin the bullet economy


Delayed to Q1 2019.


That’s because they have to get the shark working.


Literally zero interest in this one?


Do I have to play Last Light before I play this one?

That’s sarcasm, by the way!


It’s one of my most anticipated games (not counting too far away games like Cyberpunk). They have shown great mastery of balance between linearity and open areas, parts more focused on exploration and survival, parts focused on combat, and parts focused on story, and all with great graphics.

But i trust the game so much in being good, that I don’t see any reason in commenting about it.


Have to admit I was unenthused by the first two really. I’m hoping something more open, and maybe if I have a meatier machine, will work better for me.


Perhaps the most interesting thing from the trailer is this part:

So all shown was from a single level. It makes me believe we are going to have very few, but very big levels.


Someone please rename this thread so our thread about this masterpiece (yes I am that confident) doesn’t sound so negative

Also here is 17 minutes in 4K and I am just stunned at how insanely beautiful and atmospheric it is and it completely makes up for the missing STALKER 2


Ubisoft teams that make FarCry should study this game in detail

Map and journal both physicalized handheld objects

Minimalized HUD

Roaming anomalies from STALKER

Omg this is dream come true


This is a front page article thread. So it can’t be renamed (as far as I know) since you don’t want to change the name of the front page article.

You can create a new separate non-front page thread about the game though.


Unethical thread title. . . thanks gaming journalism 2018.


/licks screen. Delicious!

The roaming anomaly totally lifted from Stalker made me laugh. They couldn’t have made it more obvious :D :D

edit: and mentions of dynamic fight in the biomes (animals, mutants, humans) and day/night cycle and weather.


Even the ambient music is from Stalker! It is clear these devs wanted to fulfill the promise of that franchise in their own IP. They did co-create Stalker after all.


That video is awesome.


You know that Stalker 2 has been announced, right?

They’ve lost most of the original Stalker team and there’s no reason to expect it to be any good, but it’s been announced. :P


Yeah I heard Grigorovich decided to “announce” it to attract investors, how nice of him after he killed its actual development and fired its developers

I have zero faith in him, even if I do wish they would actually make it and have it good.



I’m excited, just hoping the open world won’t be a bunch of completely linear sections stitched together. The gameplay I’ve seen so far doesn’t exactly inspire confidence on that front, and neither do the previous two Metro games.

Also, for those who can’t contain their excitement and want to play something like it, you can give Anomaly a try. I’m pretty deep into my campaign and it’s one of the best gaming experiences I’ve ever had, both atmosphere and gameplay wise.


Steam page for pre-orders is a go.

Never pre-order games!


The Gamecom trailer’s up and (shock) Metro still looks incredible! There’s some brief clips of the irradiated fauna, which are especially spooky.