Metro Exodus may ruin the bullet economy


Oh hey guns can be modded sorta like in Homefront The Revolution.


Not a fan of most of the weapons to be honest. After upgrades it seems like they kind of blur together to the point that it doesn’t matter which bullet hose you end up using. I’d love to see a system from Misery replicated here, that nudges the player towards using a particular weapon class.

Another thing that slightly worries me is that most animations seem to be a 1 to 1 copy from the previous two Metro games. And while search animations and switch flicking doesn’t bother me, the way enemies flinch when hit by bullets does. Scouring the footage shows that enemies more or less blindly run at the player until they’re dead, with their dead bodies often flying past the player if you manage to down them at the last second. It’s a little ridiculous, as if there’s no weight physics applied to the ragdolls.

I’m really hoping this game turns out to be amazing but for some reason I have a weird feeling about it so I’ll probably wait for reviews.


Yeah I am in no rush, I plan to play both the Metro Redux games before picking this up sometime in the summer.



Metro’s going to be the only one I pick up, but I would think the reskinned Far Cry will easily be the top seller on the 15th.


It’s a reskin of a reskin right? My money’s on Metro :)


FarCry: New Reskin is a corporate prefabricate.
Crackdown 3 looks like focus overtested mess.
Metro Exodus looks like labour of love, and first STALKER spiritual successor we have gotten in a decade.


I’m far more excited for Metro than those other two, though I’ll probably get Far Cry at some point (I’ve played and had a lot of fun with every entry since the second one). The footage that came out (last week?) for Metro was mind blowing, pre-order good in fact.


I could see Rage 2 maybe losing out to New Dawn. They look more similar than either does to Exodus.

I think Far Cry could use an AC-style upgrade personally.


Ugh. I tried Last Light again last night because I was in a post-apoc mood and instantly got reminded of how bad moment to moment gameplay in this series actually is. And the writing, dear god. I’d rather bite down on a bullet and let one of those gargoyles take me than listen to this cringefest any further. It’s abhorrent.

Don’t get me wrong though, the game is still atmospheric and exploration during the sections where you’re spared the enemy chatter is almost as good as in STALKER. There are parts of the game that are very polished, such as select immersive animations, but nearly everything else is a step down compared to the competition. Perhaps the most disappointing part are the weapon handling and sounds.

Unfortunately this renewed experience put Exodus firmly in the wait and see category.


Now Bat – we will have an Open World Metro soon. And as Ivan the terrible you commie… We all expect that you will get that game and tell us how it is. Very soon.


Thing is, I’d still recommend both Metro games to people who are fans of the setting. The shortcomings, while disappointing, do not stand out as much as in some other games. It’s clear that developers focused on areas they were really proficient in (graphics, rendering effects, first person animations) and they got most of the other areas right enough that you at least believe they played a first person shooter before in their lives, which honestly is more than I could say for some other dev studios that are supposed to be the experts in the genre they focus on.

And I do think that Exodus will be a very fine open world experience with mind blowing graphics. But when I look at my backlog or other games I could be replaying, and clearly see that they have stellar gameplay, I have to ask myself why should I waste time on a game if it ends up being a regression of the genre.


Plus in Metro 2033 on my second playthrough I turned it to Russian voice-acting with English subtitles, and that really helps. The Russian voice acting sounds very natural and soothing throughout.


The only problem with that is that the incidental dialogue of NPC talking to each other and not you was not subtitled, so in russian you do not understand eventhough your character should.


Time to overclock that potato!


Later this year I have to update my 4770K, I was waiting until Intel wakes up and releases something good.


Yeah, upgrade time :)


Ouch… Guess my 970 will start to buckle under the workload at 1440p. Was hoping it would last just a bit longer!


But what about 1440p on high settings with a 1070ti? Haha!


Any word on the morality system in Exodus? Because watching two npcs talk for 2 minutes while you skulk in the shadows is just about the most inane way possible to force on a player that wants to see the good ending.