Metro Exodus may ruin the bullet economy


Actually… I just noticed my Best Buy GCU membership is still active, I could get it for 20% off… hmm.


I guess this is neither here nor there, but I thought I had heard the GCU was being phased out? Is this not the case?


GCU is dead, but Best Buy is honoring any remaining active subscriptions until they expire.


Which rather underlines the point about why some developers regard escaping that abuse as a positive.


Ah, I see you subscribe to the Ostrich strategy of dealing with problems.


Not really no. Quite the opposite.


Really? You’ll have to explain how running away from customer feedback is the opposite of burying your head in the sand.


Yep, my GCU membership expires Feb 7th… after that, goodbye 20% discounts! It’ll certainly stop me from pre-ordering games I never have time to play (looks over at still-shrinkwrapped PS4 Shadow of the Tomb Raider).


A quick glance tells me the “feedback” might not be very helpful.

Exodus is available through three exclusive stores.

Exodus is available through three exclusive stores

The “community” feedback seems to consist of “lol will pirate” or “will never buy from capitalist developers ever again”.

By the way I am also living this, my son is pretty pissed off. He is a die hard Steam man. So I get it. I just dont think it needs to be said a few thousand times.


Ok, it seems we simply have different views on feedback. If I were in a decision making position at 4A/Deep Silver I’d certainly want to know how many people are dissatisfied with the decision to pull the game from one store in favor of putting it on another, no matter how it was worded. Of course some filtering has to be done…for example removing all those 0 level accounts from the analysis.


I had a professor in college that said that “Being a professor is a near perfect job if it wasn’t for all of the students”.

I’m guessing there is a similar sentiment here? 4A found a way to make money without needing to deal with all of those pesky gamers/consumers.


4A Games are saying that’s not the case… Also, the reseller site CDKeys switched from saying they’ll be providing Steam keys to Epic ones.


It is ingenius really. Who needs customers when you have fortnite whales giving you money?

Yeah I will be cancelling that aurora preorder. Just bought the steam version instead, at least I can refund that if I want to later.


Seems like the right move, but it sucks many of their biggest PC fans will be missing out on extra goodies that come with the physical release because of some last minute deal. :(


Yeah I really wanted that steelbook and artbook. Oh well.


Steam pre-order button is gone.


Not good changing things up at this late date. I was going to get the game but now I will wait.


I will wait as well. I might not have jumped in first week, but I see no reason to rush now.


Fixed the promo art for the lazy publisher.


The real issue here is the distressing sparsity of Exodus puns in the thread. We can all do better people.