Metro Exodus may ruin the bullet economy


I was really on the fence about this. Ill probably wait.

I want to see if they still have it on rails. The first 2 felt too constrained. I wanted to explore but felt trapped. Has anyone seen gameplay footage?


See my modified promo art, the game is definitely still on rails. ;)

But now with large open world areas.


Well played :)


I’m brushing up on the Book of Exodus myself. I think this makes Gabe the Pharaoh.

The first plague is a bunch of review bombers.


I was sort of interested, but I have no interest in loading up yet another store front (Ubi, EA, GoG, Steam, Wargaming, hmm, am I forgetting any?).



And we have blastoff! :)


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#129, Blizzard and Rockstar Social Club, if you play games from any of those.


Rod – Exodus Puns are a way of life to the truly Jewish.


I still doubt the red sea. I don’t think a game that has turned its back on steam needs any more discourse.


It’s now open world, but the scripted sections with encounters/quests I’ve seen felt very constrained, even when they were in outdoor areas. I also did not see any vaulting animations or anything like that which forced the person who was playing to carefully navigate the only obvious path between rocks and chest high walls to get to the target. Oh and the English voice acting/writing was once again awful.

I’m curious how the final game will turn out a d how it will compare to the first two games when it comes to these things.




Yes, at this point there are several minutes of varied footage, more than one hour at least.
The game is indeed more open, it consists of several mini open world regions, bu you cannot travel between them, it’s level 1 -> level 2 -> level 3. The game will have inside them some uhh… dungeons (metro stations, underground bunkers, sewers, etc) that still maintain some of the old flavor of the previous games.


Doh, yeah, I have Blilzzard’s launcher too, and Bethesda. No Rockstar.


Statement from THQ Nordic RE: Epic Store exclusivity


“…which is the reason why we can and will not comment on this matter.”



Pure speculation but I think that’s PR speak for:
Epic is throwing fistfuls of money at us. We don’t like people shouting at us but… MONEY! :D
whispers what other games do we have in our catalog that we can switch to the Epic Store?


Cannot and will not. I don’t think it parses but oh well.


After hearing it would be pulled, I actually went and purchased it from Steam yesterday. With more time to think though, I refunded and will just wait for it to be on Steam in 2020. I don’t have the time/patience to deal with multiple storefronts. I don’t think I’ve purchased any games outside Steam for 6 or 7 years…


I want to say something snarky here about how that’s not true at all, and the real reason you haven’t switched is simply because they lack the same features Steam has.

But this thread is 10 hours old and I’m not sure if I want to kick people while they’re down.