Metro Exodus may ruin the bullet economy


And they lack the 300 games and 80 friends I already have on Steam. It’s not just features for me, I like having all my stuff in one place. Plus Steam does everything I want it to.

I have yet to read anything about the Epic store that makes me even want to try it.


Yep. I’m not a dev. It’s great they get more money supposedly from Epic, but as a user, that’s hardly going to motivate me much.


Right. A laundry list of features isn’t going to get you to try another store. You’re one of the diehards. It’s going to take something else.

Having said that, Valve is notoriously pretty slow with new features, so it’s conceivable that someone could beat them that way eventually. But they’d need to significantly exceed the feature set to attract people like you. And there are millions of you.


They sure aren’t going to get me to try a new store by having none of the features I use on Steam. And exclusives will only get me to do business there for the exclusives, if that. I think a combination approach of an equivalently or superiorly functional client and storefront to Steam’s, and library matching (like GOG Connect) would at least get me on board, and then they’d at least be a consideration when I made purchases, which is more than I can say for uPlay, Origin, Bethesda, Rockstar Social Club, Blizzard, GOG (outside their very specific specialty), etc. Something more than that, and maybe I’d even prefer them.


I’m sure that is part of it, but since I don’t have the patience to even try the others, I have no idea. :) I like Steam a lot. It isn’t perfect, but it certainly does what I want it to do.


Okay, so you’re one rung up on the consumer scale. You’re willing to at least try them with an equal or better feature set and matching your library of games. (Simple, right?)

That’s slightly better than the people that would never bother!


Sure, it’s hard. That’s why Steam has been king of the hill for ages. But it could be done, and it’s a much more positive, productive approach than launching with zero functionality and paying people to not sell their games on the platforms people actually want to use.


To be clear, I was being sarcastic. I told you that you were wrong about your own assessment. That’s me being silly.

Right. And they still wouldn’t capture the millions of people that will never switch unless forced to. At least in your case they could spend a billion dollars and you might consider it.


Hey, that’s better than spending a billion dollars to have a tiny heap of exclusives that nobody voluntarily visits otherwise, ala Origin/uPlay.


Really, though, why should anyone switch? If Steam does what you need it to do, and there are not games you feel totally compelled to buy being offered only on other platforms, there’s zero reason to even try anything else. If a game comes out that you just gotta have, you’ll go to whatever distro platform has it. But Metro ain’t that game for me, at least.


Certainly not as a mere year long exclusive.


Yes, there’s really no reason to switch, barring an extreme difference in features. That’s why the discourse around this issue is kind of pointless.

I mean, it’s the Internet, but hear me out. Even if Epic had an equal or slightly better set of features, hardly anyone pointing to those laundry lists would bother to switch.

They would nod sagely about how Epic is competing the right way. Then they’d start Steam and buy a new game.


Heh, you got that right I think.


Apparently some stores are still telling customers their physical editions still come with a Steam key.



Loving the weapon sounds. Miles better than in 2033 and Last Light.


You can mod your revolver into an assault rifle, sniper rifle, and other guns? What? I’m not sure what to think of that. I wonder if I’ll start missing the days when a revolver was a revolver.


Yep, the apparently really liked what Homefront did with modifiable guns.


Fallout 4 did it too, but it was pretty rare to find the parts you needed to change a gun too radically. At least in the first 30 hours or so that I played.


Yeah I’m not a fan of this system either, it blurs the lines between weapon classes too much. Maybe it will balance itself out by either weapon slot limitation (2 on Ranger difficulty in first two games) or ammo scarcity, especially for more exotic calibers.