Metro Exodus may ruin the bullet economy


My experience is that making seemingly trivial improvements to my guns in Fallout 4 would routinely change their entire class and make them use different ammo, which wasn’t what I wanted at all.


I actually disagree with this. If Epic had feature parity with steam, importable friends and games gog connect-style, but had also, say, nicer design and friendlier developer split, I would LOVE to use it over Steam.

But yes implementing this would be hard and epic is such tiny upstart it is much better to just pay for restricting games from other stores instead


It seems pretty likely that Epic Store 2.0 is on the way in.


I mean, how much functionality, above and beyond reliably selling and delivering games, do we need from an online distro system? All I want from Steam, say, is a place where I have most of my games, available when I want them (to install, as I don’t keep everything on my system of course), an easy payment/delivery system, and one-stop shopping for a wide variety of stuff. Much of this points to one system, not multiple systems. No matter how nice, fancy, or cool a store is, it’s all about what’s on it, and whether the basic stuff like selling and downloading work. Support too, of course. Beyond that, there seems zero incentive to ever change to another platform unless that platform has more games on it, I guess.


Just because you do not use the extra features doesn’t mean nobody else does.


There are two factors here in play, and maybe they are related:

  1. Epic Store is lacking lots of features right now, in comparison with Steam. They have announced that some of them will appear over the year.
  2. The store right now is a ‘boutique’ store, only a handful of games per month are appearing. Some indies have contacted with them and Epic replied they weren’t interested in including more games.

So maybe they know how they are behind the competition by a good margin, and their plan is buying exclusives for this first year to start putting a foot in the market, and in 2020 when the platform is more mature, stop with the exclusives and instead open up the platform to many more developers.


You are on the next tier up the chain of consumers!

I’m at the top in a Zen state where I still install games from CD because the platform doesn’t matter.

(I’m being silly here.)


Oh, sure, but that’s not my point. My point is that I, personally, see these services as, well, services that deliver games. Anything else is pure gravy, and the number one thing is number of games available. Beyond that, yes, I do have a very hard time seeing any additional features being anywhere near as important.


Listen lets say two things: I’ve been on steam for 10 years or so… and I am reluctant to spread my credit card information out to another vendor. I mean maybe steam is a monopoly of sorts. But as a consumer atm I do not care. Steam is safe, reliable and up until recently almost super good at having the best new games ready to go. (Which I will wait some months to buy given my history)

What’s my inclination to go to EPIC? Even saving ten bux doesn’t make me want to reveal credit card info to another vendor.


I never did trust Steam to keep my credit card info after they got hacked. I remember being really pissed. That was… many, many years ago, I can’t remember how long ago. Ever since then, I always, always uncheck the little box on Steam that says to not remember my credit card info. It’s always checked by default, and I always have to uncheck it.

Edit: Ah cool, Qt3 forum search to the rescue:

I guess it’s been just over 7 years since the hack now.


I recommend PayPal instead.


My point is that your point is irrelevant to the people who use those features, or the chinese gamers who can’t even buy anything on epic.


This x1000. I probably used my card for online shopping a total of 3 times since I got my first MasterCard over 15 years ago.


Heh, probably so. Actually, I find the whole conversation sort of odd. It really boils down to, do you want the game enough to install another shop front? And that’s a personal choice that has no right or wrong. And as for the company switching from a large, established, near-monopoly to a start up with much less reach, that’s a business decision that is of concern only to their shareholders I think.


"We detected a series of unsuccessful login attempts for your Epic Games account. "

Got about 10 or so of these emails in the ol inbox a while ago.

To Epic’s credit, this seems to be fixed, and they added 2 factor auth.



He posted his thoughts on Instagram, with a picture of Metro Exodus train the Aurora alongside the text "apparently the Steam was not enough for our steam train! That was innocuous enough, but then he replied to someone suggesting he was “killing his own franchise” (as if he was responsible for the move to Epic’s store) with “no, I am standing by and watching it being killed” .


I read somewhere else it was fake:


I think this looks like their final trailer

It looks very pretty!

Spoilers: it shows several areas and monsters, including some I hadn’t seen before


I read it on the internet! 100% Truth!

I also wonder if they will do another marketing blitz next year when it arrives on Steam again.


Nah, no need. Steam will do that for them by placing it in popups and on the front page of the store.