Metro Last Light is the cure for the modern shooter

Title Metro Last Light is the cure for the modern shooter
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Games
When May 13, 2013

Like the previous Metro, Last Light is characterized by the unforced mellow melancholy of a post-apocalypse some people call home. This is not the apocalypse we know and love..

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Tom, thanks for the review. I've read a number of people having this game turn into a crash-fest for them so far. What system specs are you running with? Just curious to know your setup to get a better idea of how to avoid crashes on my own system (still to be built).

I really hope this is as solid as bf3 and 2033 I have had lots of crashes recently on some games and this is a game where an unexpected crash will ruin the atmosphere and even the game.

Beautiful review, cannot wait to play this. One of my few day one buys this year. Though I am still deciding whether to replay Metro 2033 first.

BF3? At least mention something related to the game.

This game retracted from every bold step it has made in its first iteration to become more like the competition. Why is games journalism just so ripe with hyperbole, personal opinion and so devoid of a little restraint when it comes to the actual writing. The fanboy glib is palpable.

One thing I love about reading Tom Chick's articles is that I never have to look at the byline to know he wrote it. I love it when an author's voice is strong and distinctive in his work.

This site has a history of shitty writing

I'm not sure Tom knows his system specs, he doesn't seem to be much of a PC guy.

Including your comment, sir.

" This isn’t a showy setting. Last Light looks great because it renders the mostly mundane is staggeringly attentive detail."

Minor typo there it seems.

Since when is a Review (regardless of medium) a piece of journalism. Review = personal opinion piece. Journalism = news reporting, factual. Tom isn't reporting that the game has been released. He is expressing his opinion and feelings while playing the game. Tom is one of the least fanboyish reviewers I read. Of course he has is bias's (too many s's?), but I wouldn't call him a fan boy.

Have you read Mein Kampf?

Why does the article seem to imply that Bethesda is solely responsible for the Fallout series? So far, they've made only one installment, and that (Fallout 3) indeed had some really dumb elements that makes me hope and wish they wouldn't do Fallout 4 when there's Obsidian.

I wasn't comparing the gameplay lol just the stability

Obsidian can barely balance their own checkbook. Let's be thankful the IP is in the hands of a more responsible developer.

Irrational did not develop BioShock 2.

Yeah, that's bad wording on my part, but I hate to single out the brilliance of Bioshock without also recognizing Bioshock 2.

Yeah, I'm more of a Mac guy. Actually, I'm mostly a iPad guy. PCs are just so complicated! Who can be bothered to learn all that stuff...?

Squaddie, I have a decent system with a GeForce 630. There were about three times I had to reboot because something funky happened -- they seemed like memory leaks from reloading the same area after dying a few times -- but the game was pretty stable for me. Certainly not anything like what I remember hearing about the first Metro when it was released. I'm guessing the A4 Engine has come a long way.

Man, where does this inane idea that a review shouldn't contain opinion come from? Illiteracy? Immaturity? A basic misunderstanding of what words mean? IGN?