Metro Redux brings the Russian underground back for a repeat performance


Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light may share the same Russian literary setting, but each title has unique gameplay elements and distinctive flavor. 2033’s desperate scrabbly survival-horror contrasts with Last Light’s somber moments punctuated by bursts of violence. But beyond tone, there was also four years of cutting-edge tech between the two games. 2033 doesn’t look bad – in fact, it’s still a great looking game – but when compared to Last Light, you can see what the devs were able to do with their engine in those years.

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50% discount on the redux versions if you already own the originals on Steam apparently. Can't say it tempts me.


:) dat bump!

Started replaying the first game now with the REDUX treatment (I forget exactly when I bought the REDUX versions of both games but they were in my backlog!), it plays better than I remember. Also looks great!

2033 REDUX -

Metro 2033 sequel: Metro Last Light