Metroid DS friends codes


Now you post yours!



BTW, if it’s any incentive, I can verify that Metroid DS is well worth picking up – and then some! – if you’re even the slightest bit interested in playing shooters on a handheld. So get your copy already and post your friends codes.


nintendo hates my wifi router :(

I’ll be on sometime in the next week. I picked up Oblivion today so I need to get some residual funding together before grabbing Metroid.

Do they have control schemes more similar to the GC metroid than that crap-ass demo they shipped with the DS?

No, mercifully.

How’s it feel to use the stylus to tap-tap-tap-tap fire? That bugged me in the early demos…still how it works? Cool beans ‘n’ stuff?

Yikes, I hope not. What’s the point of an online FPS where you don’t have to aim to hit your target? Not being able to look and move simultaneously would be a real downer, too.

I use the default mode and it’s fine for me. Double tapping is jump, firing is the shoulder buttons. I played online a bit and my hands started to ache after about twenty minutes, but that’s not suprising, considering that it’s an unusual activity. I’m sure I’ll get used to it, and the thrill of blowing people up without having to deal with retard chat in the game completely makes up for it.

If you have adult-sized fingers, I’d recommend looking into a longer stylus.

Anyway, hey: this is the thread for posting friend codes, not the thread for arguing against change, kk? K.

Ah. Thanks for saving me 50 bucks.

DS games do not cost 50 bucks, dorkwad.

Charles, as usual, I have no idea what you’re going on about. I’m pretty sure you’re just dropping in to once again make disparaging comments about a game you haven’t even played. The Oblivion threads weren’t keeping you busy?

FWIW, the control scheme in the DS version of Metroids is easily the best way to play a shooter on a handheld. For anyone with reservations about stylus aiming, it’s worth noting that you can set up the DS to work like FPSs on other handhelds (i.e. direction pad to move, the four buttons to aim).


The controls are wonderful IMO - Tom, THIS is what I was talking about regarding the PSP, this is the type of game that the compromised PSP controls could never do well. You will always need auto-aim and slow pacing.

I’m still in single player, but will post my codes later or tomorrow.


Oh really? I guess we must all live in the US and pay no sales tax on everything. After all, there’s no ‘rest of the world!’

Look Tom, I know there’s a lot of problems on this board with anyone who has a dissenting opinion, and that not sharing the hive mind is ground for being labelled a troll or whatnot, but is it so unreasonable to think that maybe, just maybe, it’s possible that someone doesn’t like the given control schemes? And is really so crazy to want to find out if maybe some options were introduced in to the final game?

That’s all I’m doing. If you don’t like that, you could always, you know, ignore my posts.

Playing the Metroid demo in EB way back when was what sold me on the DS in the first place. I’m glad they delayed it and got the multiplayer right. I am looking forward to picking this up on Friday. After dropping $120 on the Outfit and Oblivion my fun money has run dry till payday.

Is “bucks” slang for Canadian dollars too? Didn’t know that.

Here’s another thing you may not have known: It’s called a Dollar here as well. Oh, and we share a language, and a lot of pop culture.

No need to be a snarky ass about it. Lots of English-speaking nations have different slang.

I think Charles is just allergic to fun. I don’t care. Hunters is almost as good as QuakeWorld was, I don’t care if my knuckles ache.

Only Charles would say that the lack of auto-aiming and lock-on in an online FPS is a downside. Even though you can do that with some weapons, in an entirely different scheme from the GC.

Maybe a Wavebird with Bluetooth would work for you, Chuckles?