Metroid DS friends codes

Actually, Charles, plenty of people on this forum have dissenting opinions without being labeled trolls. It’s probably got something to do with the fact that they aren’t pompous, arrogant, and loud.

Which is why I answered your post. In the future, I’ll be sure to heed your advice and ignore you.

I’m aware of that and as I’ve tried to explain to you before, there are run-n-gun shooters on the PSP that work just fine, considering that it doesn’t have a touchpad. But I guess you might as well complain that shooters are hard to play on a PC because PCs don’t have a wetware neural interface that jacks directly into your spine. As dumb as this may sound, platforms are what they are, Mike.

But, yeah, Metroid DS. Great interface, huh? Anyway, so much for a simple friends code thread…


Looks like we’re the only people who own it anyway! Be my friend so I can shoot you.

Actually, I have no interest in the online component. The only games I play online are games which are online only. Everything else is pure singleplayer. I’d heard that Hunters has a single player component not unlike the GC games, which is the only reason why I was considering it.

Charles, there is an alternate control scheme though you’d probably think it’s worse than the touchpad. You can set it up such that the d-pad is movement (forward, back, strafe left, strafe right) and the four buttons are look (up, down, rotate left, rotate right). They’re also reversable so the movement is on the buttons and the look on the d-pad. This really isn’t that great since there are still several things you need to do on the touch screen, switch visors, turn into the ball, jump (though, initially, there seems to be less jumping than the Gamecube versions) along with various text boxes.

Personally I don’t mind the touch pad for looking, I find it works better with the thumb piece than the stylus. I wish there was a control scheme similar to the Gamecube Metroids but, unfortunately, there isn’t.

See above, re: allergic to fun.

Ya know, lately it seems like you post when you either don’t know much about a game, don’t like it, or simply want to argue. Then you end up saying how you don’t play those kinds of games anyway or you only play games a little bit here and there, etc. etc.

I mean… you’re really forceful when you post, but when it comes right down to it, it’s like you don’t really play many games and you’re just being loud to be loud. I mean, what does “I only play online games that are online only” mean exactly? It’s such a wacko distinction.

Just sayin’.

Ok, so I’m still not entirely clear on this. How has the control scheme changed from that original (kinda crappy) demo? I know about the various control schemes, but how does the main one that uses the touch screen work now? Still tapping to shoot? What about jumping? I need to know.

Funkman, as jafd (i.e. the only other dude besides me who’s bothered to actually get the dang game!) wrote above, you use the shoulder button to shoot. You double tap the touchscreen to jump. There are big fat icons on the touchscreen to swap weapons or change to your morph form. It’s easy to learn and incredibly intuitive to anyone who’s used a mouse in a shooter.

I don’t recall specifics about how the demo worked, but I do remember that once I sort of “grokked” the controls in the demo, I loved it. There’s a (new?) sensitivity slider that should be quite a bit of help to people who want to tailor it to their own twitchiness.

Oh, and to anyone not named Charles who’s not interested in playing online, there’s full bot support for the multiplayer game modes. w00t!


How’s it work Tom? Do you tap the main (upper) screen to aim and then fire with one of the buttons?

Here’s the big question for me: does your stylus hand ever get in the way of seeing what’s going on?

EDIT: Doh, sorry, posted same time you were answering someone else. :P

Here’s the big question for me: does your stylus hand ever get in the way of seeing what’s going on?

Never. There’s nothing to see on the touchscreen while you’re playing. It’s just interface junk. When you scan something, the data comes up on the touchscreen, but otherwise everything you need to see and know – energy, ammo, weapon – is on the top screen.


It’s been awhile since I played the demo and I don’t care to dig it out to directly compare, but either the touch sensitivity is vastly more precise, or the engine has been tweaked to run more fluidly, or maybe it’s all in my head; but the stylus aiming performs extremely well in the final. I can practically glide my aim to any target almost without lifting and recentering(a concern I sorta recall in the demo a lot).

Is there really a need for the scanning viewfinder to be a quarter of the screen though? Would the illusion really suffer if they just blew it up to full screen search?

I really like that Hunter that sticks out retractable blades in ball form. I totally wrecked the bots during lunch with that one move.

How do you find the friend code?

How many taps to teabag your opponent.

Also instead of having a downloaded obscene spray like in counterstrike source can you draw your own?

I’m just pulling this out of my hat, but I’m going to go with ‘gameplay balance’. The idea is that you’re in full unobstructed view when you’re primed for combat and you have to look through a HUD when you’re scanning. Are you buying that? Because I think I’m selling it pretty well. :)

BDGE, to get your friends code, go to Multiplayer Mode, Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, Edit Friends & Rivals, and then Add Friends. It’ll show you your code right next to the place you’re supposed to enter our codes.


I enjoyed the original Metroid Prime, Unreal, No One Lives Forever and the Thief games and I really, really want to play Painkiller now, the Half-Lifes sound right up my alley as well. In other words, I like interesting single player FPSes, but I’m not a fan of feeling like I’m ducking and shooting and going on around in circles and cartwheels with a perfect aim, stuff like Goldeneye and Medal of Honor really doesn’t do it for me. I guess I’m saying despite the fact that I dislike “your are there” immersion type gaming, I tend to gravitate to something more atmospheric, with quirky enemies, situations and such. Is Hunters like that?

I guess I could just import it, but you’d have to offer me lots of candy to play anything online and we have Contact coming anyway. :P



Let’s rock

What it means is that if there’s a single player component, that’s what I buy the game for and I rarely ever touch the multiplayer aspect. But if the game was designed to be online only, then I’ll play it online. For instance, the last big non-MMO online game I played was BF1942. And I played that a lot. Before that, it was tribes. Basically, if it’s not an MMO I’m not a big online player. And since I don’t play RTS games often, that rules out a lot of the heavy multiplayer focus here at QT3.

And it’s not that I don’t play many games (well, lately that tends to be true, but that’s more because of E3 crunch than anything), so much as if a game is good, I don’t feel there’s much necessary to be said about it. Whereas if a game is almost good, there’s much to be said, and yes, it will come across as arguing/bitching/whatever.

But on top of that, mostly what I choose to talk about is game design or design specifics, which will often end up being argumentative since there’s many different viewpoints on how games should be.

I don’t see the benefit of jumping in to a thread just to say “It’s good!” There’s nothing interesting there.

Alright, I can’t take it anymore, I missed out on all the fun being had with Mario Kart because my stupid goddam router refuses to work so this time I think I may just shell out and by the USB plug in. This game just sounds too badass.

By the way, Tom, did you just say it had full bot support? As in you can play the multiplayer game purely with bots?

Also, for friend codes (and I’m sure if I dug a little more I could find this information), after you put them in the DS will monitor and tell you when they are playing or something like that or am I crazy?

So anyway


Still getting used to the controls. The touchscreen is more accurate, but kills the hand I support the DS with.

How’s the online setup? Is it similar to MarioKart where you just have to look for a game at the same time as one of your friends to get put into the same game, or do you actually set up a game and invite people, or what?

The top screen is the play screen (and it’s also not a touchscreen) while the bottom one is where you control the character. GameSpy’s got a picture for you…