Metroid DS Tuesday night

Anyone for a bit of Metroid DS tonight, Tuesday, March 28th? How about 7pm California time, which is 10pm Other Coast time. Add me to your friends list if you haven’t already:


I’ll have the game up at 7pm/10pm and we’ll start at 7:15/10:15. Confirm here if you know you’d like to join us or just drop in if you can make it.


I’ll jump in for a few matches, I’m not very far in the game so I’m stuck with the basic fighters I think :(

I picked it up today, would be great to hop right into multi.

I’ll be home at around 10:30. I’ve only barely even touched the game, so this should be ridiculous.

Too bad the DS doesn’t support WPA, otherwise I’d join in.

I’m afraid that if I don’t meet up tonight then I’ll miss out forever. I never raced a single person on my friends list in Mario Kart.

Also, does it take an anyone else an abnormally massive amount of time to join a pickup game online? I swear I can’t tell if the several minute spans of searching are normal or not, either way it stinks…

Yeah, the search time for pickup games are redonculous.


Thanks for the thread Tom! Unfortunately, I work second shift, so I can’t get away to play until around 9:30 Left-coast/12:30 Right-coast. If anyone’s still up for playing around then we can start up a game, or on the weekend some time. Sorry to complain about how multiplayer sucks without organized games and then not be able to make it to them when we try.

Ok, got my code:


Looks like a long night at work for me, so if any of you were thinking about checking back later tonight when I’d be around, it looks like I won’t. Thanks if you were, we’ll have to set up another time.

I’m in on this.


For those of you who haven’t unlocked any or all of the other hunters yet, if you beat someone in multiplayer who is using that model, it’s yours. I’m willing to take a dive if enough people need a hand.

Or, you might just blow me up fair and square. I kind of suck still, damn these sausage fingers of mine.

Okay, a game is up. Remember that we can only play four at a time, so if you don’t see a game, feel free to host one. I don’t think any of the games go for more than fifteen minutes, so if you stick around, we should be back before long.


I see you, Tom, but I can’t connect to you. I blame my router. I’ll try to host and see if that works.

Nathan’s in! Put your DS on a DMZ!


I haven’t had to do any DMZ stuff so far, but it’s not like that means much.

Mine is on a DMZ, it still chokes. I think I need to go shopping.

Actually, can you even put a DS on a DMZ? I was just giving him a hard time.

We have forgeforsaken now. Just one more!


Error code 86420…sigh. Why can’t shit just work?

Researching what that means now…

And I have a USB dongle. Can’t DMZ the dongle, but I have assorted ports forwarded and whatnot. ARGH.

It probably means just try again. I get weird error codes every now and then.


Yeah I had to try twice, got an error the first time. And somone hurry up and join!