Metroid Prime Help

I am posting this help request here because I know at least a handful of you have beaten the game and I’ve checked out GameFAQs but couldn’t find the specificity to the answer I was looking for. If you fellow board-readers wouldn’t mind concentrating that QT3 gaming brain-power I would be much obliged. My dilemma is as follows:

I am currently at the part of MP where I need to make my way to the power dynamo in the Phazon Mines. The problem is, I can never make it there with enough health to stand a fighting chance against the boss - if I can make it to him at all. I have to attack the Wave-troopers, Ice-troopers and Power-troopers and there is no save area where I can regenerate my health which I lose in copious amounts. Am I just a piss-poor gamer or am I missing some tricks that will help me get through this area? I have had no problems with the rest of the game until now where it seems the difficulty just ramped up considerably compared to the rest of the game.

Well, that’s it. If anybody can help me, please help!


This is probably the hardest single sequence in the entire game. I didn’t even spend so much time on some of the final boss battles.

Some tips:

  1. White pirates are easy. Do the charged freeze on them then missile them.

  2. Yellow pirates are easy too. Super-missile them.

  3. Wave pirates (purple) are HARD HARD HARD. You just have to dodge them and shoot again and again. You know, I didn’t realize it until later, but if you hold left-trigger you can strafe even when not locked on.

Basically though, you just have to avoid getting hit.

I tried this sequence about 10 or 15 times before finishing it. I almost quit the game because of it.

Good luck!

My best advice is to slow down. You can’t use traditional FPS techniques cause this ISN’T a FPS. So slow down and take the time to aim, collision detection is good enough to side step the shots easily and find a good spot to shoot from

What they said…though you can often avoid the shots so you don’t even have to go the super missile route a lot of the time. Use the B button and a push left or right to dodge incoming blasts. You’ll need those super missiles later in the sequence, so hold onto at least 20 missiles or so.


I echo the sentiment… I just got past this part myself and it is a massive pain in the ass. Especially because it is followed up with 2 boss monsters and a puzzle before you get that save! Very annoying area. I was this close to giving up the game altogether due to this sequence.

I’m glad I persevered though… it definitely gets back to a more normal level of difficulty afterwards.

Personally, I think Wave Pirates are the easiest of the bunch. If you hit them with a fully charged wave beam, they will be stunned for a while. Long enough to fully charge up another blast. Get used to fighting groups of these BEFORE you get to the boss - you’ll need that skill to beat him.

It does get much better once you get past this section, though.

I am having trouble figuring out what to do for the tower and research lab artifacts. Does anybody have a suggestion? (I hate going to gamefaqs for small questions like these because I almost invariably stumble upon some other puzzle spoiler in the process)