Metroid Prime

Great timing on me getting a Switch, apparently.

I loved MP on the cube, but I had to sell nearly everything I owned around the point I was halfway thru MP2. So I haven’t played any of the Metroid stuff since the early/mid naughties, though it was still important enough for me to put it on my list of 100 randomly selected games top 100.

So I’ll probably end up grabbing it soon-ish (maybe once I beat that 13 Sentinels). Though it is, of course, quite action-y, which I said I wasn’t looking for, but apparently I’m a hypocrite and a sucker for space ladies in power amore.

(edit: sry can’t let that one go to waste)

When you’re screaming in space
after an egg hugs your face
power amore

When the mouth opens wide
and there’s even more teeth inside
power amore

Klaxons will ring
ting-a-ling-a-ling, ting-a-ling-a-ling
did you bring
your… Beretta

Heh, pretty random. But overall he is very happy and impressed with the remake.

In the recent GDQ marathon they ran a co-op multi-world randomizer mod. Essentially 2 players on separate copies of Metroid Prime 1 and 2, but each item pickup might be for either player, and the randomized item sequence is generated so the combined games remain solveable.

Is this game kid friendly? As in a 5 year old? I know it’s rated T for Violence, but do you just shoot at flies and stuff and insect blood drops out, that kind of thing? Or does it get much worse than that?

That’s a bit tricky to answer. I want to say yes, it’s pretty mild as far as depicted violence and gore, but the Remaster might change that. It’s probably too difficult for a young kid to play, but maybe ok to watch. Metroid Prime has its share of space monsters, but it doesn’t much resemble the real world. I think at 5 I was scared watching E.T. though.

No, IMO. I think Metroid has always flirted, ever so slightly, with the lone-survivor sci-fi horror aesthetic from Alien. While Prime moved away from that a lot more than the SNES game, and is more bright and colourful to boot, I think it’d be a bit much for a 5 year old, at least in places.

Ridley is scary! (and that name isn’t an accident).

Oh yeah, that scared me. I think I’ll wait a few years before getting this one. Maybe when he’s 8, 9 or 10 should be fine I think.

This kind of thing always pisses me off. It costs so little to include names in the credit, but it means so much to people.

Pretty great visual upgrades, just from watching the overview section at the beginning. (Digital Foundry video).

Yeah, it does look really great! Especially with me being new to the Switch, it looks lot better than I expected from such a small device. But in all honesty it’s been such a long time since I played it on the cube I hardly remember that much of the game (just how I felt about it) - certainly not any specifics about how it looked back then.

Tho I did remember one cool graphics thing, mentioned in the video, which I loved - seeing Samus’ face get reflected in her visor when something really bright happens onscreen (like firing a missile). It’s such a cool effect I’ve got no idea why it hasn’t cropped up elsewhere - I’d have loved to see something similar in Doom Eternal.

Erm… no thanks. Doom Eternal had those skins for your character, which I thought was so worthless, since it’s a first person game. But they give you this scary looking zombie skin for pre-ordering the game, so why not? I used it. And then right at the beginning of the game they show a cutscene where they show your face, and I almost fell out of my chair. It was so disgusting!

I don’t need to see that reflected back at me in the visor!

Pick better skins, ya wuss? ;D

You mean this?

I know it’s not quite the same but I couldn’t resist! :)

There were so many nice touches like that in Metroid Prime but, yeah, that’s such a great one. Rain drops and vapour on your visor made the Tallon Overworld area feel like a real wet swamp to trudge through.

Haha, yeah, totally forgot about that! Mainly because usually I’d fail to pick up the powerup until I’d killed everything anyway… and then just not bother.

Oh god, I thought that was just me…

Apparently the physical editions must have had a limited print, hence here come the scalpers.

Learned the hard way they did not implement checkpoints in the remake. Just had to restart the entire game because I’m playing in a bright window seat and got lost in the escape sequence.

Yep, 100% of my deaths are from ‘environmental hazards’ and it’s save station only, beginning to end. It’s not a difficult game but it can be exasperating sometimes.

I find it difficult to fire e.g. the super rocket attack. Since you gotta hold down the trigger to charge your gun and tap the bumper I just… don’t have enough fingers. Not while I’m using the joycons in ‘split’ mode on my crosstrainer at any rate. So I end up hitting myself in the face with it to push the bumper button to get it to fire.

Also, they added a jump to the ball mode. Did not register that change. I spent about 25mins trying (and failing) to do double bomb jumps to get that energy tank in magmoor caverns. Just to realise you… can… jump. Still gotta use a bomb to get higher but, yeah, it’s definitely tuned for jump + bomb rather than double bomb.

Guess I’m close to the end, I’ve got all the weapons + their associated upgrades and about 230 missiles. I didn’t see a ‘hard’ mode when I first started so I assume that unlocks on completion; I’ll be doing that.

Hope they do a remake of Prime 2.

I think the ball jump was in the original Metroid Prime.

It looks like it may have been added (or rather, backported from Prime 3) in the Wii trilogy but I only ever played the OG Gamecube releases of 1&2.