Metroid Prime

Pick better skins, ya wuss? ;D

You mean this?

I know it’s not quite the same but I couldn’t resist! :)

There were so many nice touches like that in Metroid Prime but, yeah, that’s such a great one. Rain drops and vapour on your visor made the Tallon Overworld area feel like a real wet swamp to trudge through.

Haha, yeah, totally forgot about that! Mainly because usually I’d fail to pick up the powerup until I’d killed everything anyway… and then just not bother.

Oh god, I thought that was just me…

Apparently the physical editions must have had a limited print, hence here come the scalpers.

Learned the hard way they did not implement checkpoints in the remake. Just had to restart the entire game because I’m playing in a bright window seat and got lost in the escape sequence.

Yep, 100% of my deaths are from ‘environmental hazards’ and it’s save station only, beginning to end. It’s not a difficult game but it can be exasperating sometimes.

I find it difficult to fire e.g. the super rocket attack. Since you gotta hold down the trigger to charge your gun and tap the bumper I just… don’t have enough fingers. Not while I’m using the joycons in ‘split’ mode on my crosstrainer at any rate. So I end up hitting myself in the face with it to push the bumper button to get it to fire.

Also, they added a jump to the ball mode. Did not register that change. I spent about 25mins trying (and failing) to do double bomb jumps to get that energy tank in magmoor caverns. Just to realise you… can… jump. Still gotta use a bomb to get higher but, yeah, it’s definitely tuned for jump + bomb rather than double bomb.

Guess I’m close to the end, I’ve got all the weapons + their associated upgrades and about 230 missiles. I didn’t see a ‘hard’ mode when I first started so I assume that unlocks on completion; I’ll be doing that.

Hope they do a remake of Prime 2.

I think the ball jump was in the original Metroid Prime.

It looks like it may have been added (or rather, backported from Prime 3) in the Wii trilogy but I only ever played the OG Gamecube releases of 1&2.