Miami Coach Wannstedt Resigns

Well, Sports Illustrated has made it official. Dave Wannstedt is gone.

I’m not surprised. Getting rid of a coach in midseason is pointless in terms of turning a team around, but at this point the Dolphins have no chance of a turnaround, and need to throw a bone to their fans and players. Based on comments in the press from players recently, the team has been melting down and Dave wasn’t doing anything to stop it.

It’s sad that a coach that brought some solid winning seasons to Miami has to go out this way, but that’s pro sports for you…


No it’s not. Wannstedt inherited a good team, that doesn’t make him a good coach. Look how many times the Dolphins failed to make the playoffs. With a solid team, a good coach should at least be able to net a wildcard berth. That’s how you judge success in the NFL. I think he should have been canned a couple years ago - but then again, I subscribe to the theory that coach is one of the most important positions on a team. I’d rather have a legendary coach than a legendary RB or QB.