My 2 or 3 year old SteelSeries Ikari is developing a sticky right button, so it’s time for a replacement. Current, similar mice appear to be the SteelSeries Sensei, Razer Deathadder, and Logitech G500. My local Best Buy doesn;t have any that I can actually touch, so I’d like recommendations. I’m looking for a lightweight mouse with light button action, that has very nice materials. I’ll be using it for FPSs and general use (I have a G600 for Guild Wars 2, I’m not sure if I like it).

I liked my Ikari, so I’m leaning a bit towards the Sensei, and I’m guessing the metallic finish will stay nice (I’m a bit worried about the rubberized finish on the Deathadder & cheaper Sensei). On the other hand, the new unified Logitech drivers will make setting up the G500 a bit easier, I’m just worried it will feel cheap, and the thumb buttons look smallish. The Deathadder gets great reviews, and looks like it;s got comfy buttons, but I’ve never owned a Razer and people seem upset with the new drivers that require registration.

Thoughts? Anything obvious I’m missing? Maybe I should just buy all three and return the two I don’t like.

You’re about to get a bunch of posts saying the Logitech mouse is the best, most cost effective choice.

If cost were no object (I like spending money on this hobby) would that still be the case?

Good question. Most times when people ask this question, they just get a barrage of posts recommending Logitech options.

I still use an old Microsoft Sidewinder Laser Gaming Mouse.

Currently using Logitech G700 in wired mode.

SteelSeries is damn fine for gimicky gamer gear with silly designs and nonsense features (GOLDPLATED USB CONNECTOR FOR MAXIMUM DEEPS IN YOUR MOWBAS!), but it’s pretty hard to deny the rock-solid quality, reliability, and reputation of Logitech.

I mostly likely SS gear because of their constant support of esports teams and leagues; Razer does the same, but after the recent online-only driver debacle, I’m pretty cool toward them.

Logitech G9 for almost 2 years, maximum weights added, I will never go back to another mouse.

I even bought a spare , just in case they discontinue making it. :p

Before I switched to Logitech , I used Razer mice, they all had something break or go wrong shortly after the warranties expired.

Huge fan of SteelSeries here. I use the Diablo III mouse (which is funny, 'cuz I unistalled DIII long ago), and it’s pretty great.

I have a DeathAdder here. The only complaint is the sloppy wheel. It has a lot of play and sometimes registers an event between teeth (at the extremities).

Been using the G500 since it released and love it. The texture resists the “sweaty plastic” greasy feel, the braided cord is very solid and the mouse and buttons have yet to fail me.

I really like my logitech marathon mouse. It’s wireless, with their super tiny receiver, and comfortable in my hand. Most importantly, unlike rechargeable mice, its batteries last two full years. So you’re completely exempt from worrying that your battery will run out at an inopportune moment. Great product.

FWIW I have had my Logitech G500 replaced three times in the last year due to the left mouse button generating double clicks instead of a single click. My expensive G9 also failed just out of warranty with a dead left mouse button. I’ve decided to change brands.

If you call logitech they’ll replace it for free. Logitech support is awesome.

I like my G500 too but it also has started generating double clicks on the left mouse. It’s annoying but nothing that has stopped me from using it yet. I thought maybe I was just going crazy and weirdly double clicking things.

Call them.

i opened an email support ticket and they sent me a 2nd set of weights after i lost mine.

Thanks for the feedback. Since the hivemind couldn’t come up with a single best choice … I bought all three and will pick the one I like best, and return or gift the other two.

I’ve opened up & plugged in the G500, and so far I’m not liking it as much as the Ikari it’s replacing. A little bit too narrow & too high, and I could swear the LED is making a high pitched whine. I also don’t like the gritty feel of the thumb rest. But I’ll give it a fair shot, and write up my impressions.

I went through that with my last 4 Logitechs. 3 G7s and 1 G700. Two of those G7s were warranty replacements for the first one. When it happened most recently to my G700, I just gave up on Logitech altogether, as they seem to never get the hint that they should be using different microswitches.

From what I understand, a lot of different mouse manufacturers use those same microswitches, and certain brands are consistently having those problems (Razer and Microsoft being two others that I can think of right now).

So, I decided to take a chance on an unknown, and bought this Corsair M60. I’ve been very happy with it so far, but I’ve only had it for 3 months, and that double-clicking thing usually takes 6 months to show up.

I have a G500, and while it is a fine mouse, I find all but one of the thumb buttons useless - the way I hold the mouse is either unusual, or my hand is simply the wrong size because I find it awkward to hit any but the most ‘forward’ button. The thing is rock solid and appears it won’t die anytime soon so I’ve learned to deal with it, but I will certainly ‘test drive’ mice in the future :)

As for feeling narrow and high - hopefully that is something you’ll adapt to over time. Switching from another mouse will always feel strange at first. I personally love the textured thumb rest, as it prevent my thumb from being lazy and sliding off onto the pad or what have you.

Logitech’s service is great. They readily exchange faulty products. But if they don’t solve the core issue with the microswitches then their QA is pretty hopeless. It is a shame though as the G500 is an otherwise excellent gaming mouse.