Michael Beasley weepy thread

I have really grown to dislike professional athletes in the past few years and Beasley’s “rehab” is the last straw.

What is this 20 year old NBA soon to be superstar rehabbing from? Marijuana. You know, it’s right up there with co-“a monkey would rather do it than drink water or feed her babies”-caine or hero-“people will overdose trying to get that feeling of the first high”-ine.

He’s got “depression”. Because he’s 20 years old, close to the top of the world, making millions, world famous, almost guaranteed to increase his fortune 10-fold in the next decade. Don’t get me wrong, all sorts of people suffer through depression. Rich, poor, old, young, famous, unknown, liked, disliked. But he’s rich, young, famous, and liked. I’m sure he has reasons to be depressed; most of these reasons come from sources far more intimate than anything that mere affluence or fame can address.

What can’t be even remotely equitable is the level of support he’s getting. The media are already making a sob story out of him, he’s special, he’s a delicate flower, unlike the tens of millions of regular people with depression. People with depression who don’t have millions of dollars to fall back on, who can’t choose to slack off at basketball, take their starting contract money and disappear on a tropical island in the far east, people who have to go to work every single day to jobs that they most likely can’t stand just in order to pay the rent and feed themselves. People who don’t have a million suckers praying for them (for all the good that does) because daddy said to on twitter.

But, but…he can be an example to all those others* who suffer from depression and let them know it IS ok to ask for help and see someone…

*who are insanely rich.

I know a girl who failed every single class for two years at U of T. Then she went and got a depression diagnosis and had those two years stricken from the record.

WHoa…can I go back and get my first and only Ds and Fs from High School stricken?

Professional athletes and celebrities face scrutiny and pressure that average people can only dream of. This leads to ridiculous levels of stress which help foster mental illness. He’s always free to pull a Ricky Williams and retire early to smoke pot, but the lifetime stigma of being a pot-smoking quitter can’t be great for the psyche either. You can be mad at the media for the treatment of this story, but being mad at Beasley seems like a throwback to a much more intolerant time.

Depression, the mental illness, has little to do with your actual situation. Its not fair to confuse it with the “blues” feeling that everyone else gets form time to time.

It’s harder to appreciate than physical ailments, and Im sure people claim this stuff all the time falsely. But when it is real its tragic and overpowering and thankfully nothing most of us have to deal with.

I dont know anything about Michael Beasley, but people who really struggle with clinical depression have my sympathy.

Rehabbing from cannabis? What does that involve? An intense two week schedule of ‘not smoking cannabis’?

i love the entry on genius.

She’s fortunate. I had a couple of years like that due to actual, genuine clinical depression (runs in the family), and the bad grades are still following me around. The school I was attending at the time doesn’t believe in tabula rasa, apparently.

If I had been in my right mind, I would have left before the damage became too extensive, but I was in the midst of a torrid, unrequited love affair and couldn’t tear myself away. The combination of the two was such that at one point I didn’t sleep for five days straight.

It’s taken a lot of time and effort to get back on track, and I’m still not sure I’m 100% of the way there, but I’m a hell of a lot better off than I was.

C’est la vie.


I never mocked Beasley’s condition, I also explicitly stated that finances and fame can not help it. I just despise the sympathy and coverage he’s getting, each on their own individual merits. And marijuana rehab? Seriously, how do you rehab from marijuana? Lose your lighter and bong? Go for a day thinking “man, I wish I could smoke?”

My response wasn’t to you but to the other comments in the thread dismissing depression as a serious ailment.

Or, translated into your insulting attempt at dialog: RAED THEARD PEALSE!

I do feel for anyone with depression as my family has a serious history of it. I do get tired of the media’s suffocating and hyper-focused coverage of some stories. PLus, rich people blow.

Yes, because your reply without a source quote was clear :)

This link from that article perfectly describes my former supervisor.

Celebrity Rehab and Loveline’s Dr. Drew Pinsky seems to think marijuana addiction is very real and can have a devastating impact on an addicts life. You just can’t get more official than Dr. Drew by gum.

I have no experience to back up or refute this claim, all I can do is look at the other ways addiction manifests itself (be it through excessive over-eating, excessive video game playing, sex or heroin) and hope that if someone is so preoccupied with any one task everyday of their life that they man up and get help.

If they are feeling completely powerless to stop themselves from indulging every chance they get, (or unable to stop thinking about it to the point where it affects their performance and initiative at work), then they really do need help. Simple self control can be a monumental task for some people, and that’s part of what makes addiction treatment beneficial to these people, even for addictions to activities or dugs which most people might not consider addictive in and of themselves.

Except for circumstances involving physically addictive substances like heroin most addictive personalities choose their addictions, the addictions don’t choose them. Sometimes these addictions just won’t make sense to the rest of us because we either don’t have addictive personalities or we’re addicted to something completely different (and just as mundane, be it church, sports, having babies or buying shit off QVC) and just don’t see it for what it really is.

There are people that simply have zero self control and they’ll feed the addiction at the expense of everything else in their life. Some people become a success because their addictions manifest themselves in ways that turn out to be profitable, but that doesn’t mean the prolific piano players stuck at the keys 18 hours a day doesn’t have a problem.

In the case of this sports guy, he could be realizing that he has started trading his addiction to basketball for an addiction to partying.

I’ll take wealthy and depressed over content and poor anyday, tyvm. Ninety five percent of life’s problems can be solved with money. Once those are out of the way, you’re free to focus on the other 5%. Heh.

I’m right there with you. And I’ll take genius and depressed at the people surrounding you over oblivious, too.

As the great American philosopher “Weird Al” Yankovics expressed it:
If money can’t buy you happiness, I guess I’ll have to rent it,

Hahaha, man, those fucking phonies, with their goddamned ‘mental illnesses’. Oh, you failed your classes because of a severe chemical imbalance in your brain? I know what will fix that - THE BACK OF MY HAND, BITCH! Depression is totally bullshit concocted to make excused for people who just don’t have what it takes to be winners. After all, we all start from a level playing field, and, hey, if we ‘feel a little down’ sometimes, we just try harder, amirite? Man, those ‘depression’ fakers should just go kill themselves. Whadda bunch of losers.

This thread is pretty cool, because I didn’t know there were computers in 1950 that could post to the internet forums of 2009. Jesus Christ, guys.

Money can’t buy happiness directly, but it can buy a Sea-Doo, and it is literally impossible to be unhappy riding a Sea-Doo.