Michael Caine -- Alive and Well. Almost 50 years of being our favorite British actor.


We should probably discuss his amazing career.

Zulu for starts.

And … he continues on. He may be one of the longest continuing actors.

(I was joking about Zulu a bit but that may have been his first with Stanley Baker)


Dude, this thread made my heart skip a beat. Can we get an “appreciation” or something added to the title?

My favorite performance of Caine’s will always be The Man Who Would Be King (1975). One of John Huston’s strongest films, with two of the biggest movie stars in history delivering their best work and really selling the sense of adventure.


Heh, I re-watched TMWWBK just a couple weeks ago. It really is a great movie.


Geezus, i thought he died. Change that God damned thread title.

But yeah, he’s awesome.


Brian you are right. But as I attempted to edit the glorious actor’s thread title I noted: It is just his name.


Maybe add a line to the first post.

“It’s okay, he’s still alive!”

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Sadly also spelled incorrectly.

I’ve read a couple of his books. I really loved his book on acting, and I find the video of him teaching acting to be weirdly endearing.



Lol I think I got the gd thread title better – and thx!


Also, if you’ve never seen the movie A Shock to the System, please do so. I love this topic.



The two movies that stick out to me are The Man Who Would Be King and The Island.

The Island freaked me out for years. That poor Coast Guard crew.


The Island was my first Rated R movie – omg I can’t even talk about jellyfish now…




I believe this has been covered.

In other wonderful news:



I’ve read his autobiography (The Elephant To Hollywood) and am reading his Lessons on Life book currently. There’s a fair amount of repetition in his anecdotes between the two, and his lessons on success mostly boil down to “the harder you work, the luckier you get” but it’s still an entertaining read.

(I like the guy, but it’s a shame he came he came out in such strong support for Brexit. “I’d rather be a poor master than a rich servant.” Newsflash: Mr Caine will never be a poor anything.


Thank you, Jaws: The Revenge!


“I have my answer. I have my answer.”


I always think of him as Alfie because of the song being so popular when I was a kid.


To my disgrace, the first thing that pops into my head when thinking about Michael Caine is Liquido with Narcotic. Sorry…


Three for the money, one for the show.


I always enjoy seeing him but his hit to miss ratio isn’t very good. The guy’s been in a lot of clunkers.