Michael "Kramer" Richards breaks down on stage, hurls racial epithets (N.W.S.)


(Oh, and NSFW if you have speakers.)

After watching the apology, I’m now absolutely sure this was staged.

Fuck voice-overs dude, he’s host of the Feud now!

“No such thing as bad publicity” is one of the most perpetuated myths of all time. Michael Jackson? Mel Gibson?

But yeah, Richards seems like a bit of a sad joke. Did anyone see his post-Seinfeld sitcom? It was absolute shit. He’s by far the least successful of all the Seinfeld players, and that includes several ancilliary characters. Shit, Newman’s doing better than he is. And he knows it.

The problem with that rant is not that it’s offensive, it’s that it’s just not funny. You can get away with a lot if you can make people laugh at the same time. This just comes across as bitterness and anger, and it’s sad.

Sounds genuine to me. Both videos are uncomfortable to watch. My guess is he was attempting to use racial humor which, let’s be honest, has always been present in comedy but these days only non-whites can get away with it in public, and he realized that, so kept getting angrier and angrier.

It almost seemed like he started to do a George Carlin thing but it jsut wasn’t working.

Would it have helped if Richards had done his apology in blackface last night on Letterman? Just wondering.

Not true, not true at all. I know it’s a nice fall back point when it comes to excusing or justifying behavior, but it’s simply not true.

How very Steve Canyon of you Spoofy.

? You have some insights into the matter you want to share?

Two words: Lisa Lampinelli

Sarah Silverman for starters. Someone mentioned Lampinelli already. Jimmy Kimmel and Adam Corolla are pretty straight forward with race.

What’s your beef VegasRobb?

I think he was going for a “What’s the matter? Your college-educated middle-class self can dish it out, but one word and you’re whining like a baby about life on the plantation; go home to your momma, big man” anti-heckler attack, but couldn’t even begin to pull it off, and just wound up looking even worse than he deserved to. It was pretty sad to watch.

BTW, I’m sorry for the JM style “I’m not actually quoting anyone” thing. It seemed like a good idea at the time.

No beef. Just an observation. I read the comment is thought it was you.

I think the worst part of watching Richards’ apology was the inappropriate audience reactions. They thought it was an act, when it was really Richards realizing he no longer had a career.

Gotta admit though… that’s some genuine funny!

Also, I kind of disagree with their point.

If he didn’t harbor racism somewhere in his psyche he wouldn’t have exploded like that. It doesn’t just come up as some weird kind of larping or something. It’s like Mel Gibson trying to say that he really loves Jews, he’s just all kinds of wacky on the drink.

How dare you?! 50 years ago we’d have you hanging from a rope with a pitchfork up your ass for that shit!

Well he states that his talent is at improvisational comedy versus stand-up comedy.

Sad part is that as the conversation goes on, he seems to realize that he’s placed himself in a really bad spot. The reality of the situation really starts to hit home.

There’s no reason why he can’t move past the situation.

Well 50 years ago, Steve Canyon and VegasRobb are both hanging from that rope … at least in Kramer’s World According to Dirt. :)