Michael Vick: Gaming Obsessive


  1. Describe the ideal Michael Vick day.

Vick: Just playing video games all day long, maybe do a little fishing.

  1. They’re taking it all away tomorrow – the fame, the fortune, everything. What do you do tonight, your last night?

Vick: I’d play Madden. Play it all night until my fingers fall off.

This is funny:

Everyone has the same highlights: running Bo backward to his own goal line, then turning him around so he could plow through everyone for a 99-yard jaunt. Or watching Bo bust TDs even if the defense called his play (no one else could do that). Or seeing Bo carry defenders like a knapsack for 20, 30 yards. Video Bo was larger than life. I’ve heard that when Bo speaks at colleges, someone always brings up the video game thing, and Bo will laugh and admit that “No matter where I go, somebody always mentions it.”